You are currently viewing Karachi’s Grand Tableeghi Ijtima from Jan 26-28

Karachi’s Grand Tableeghi Ijtima from Jan 26-28

Karachi’s Grand Tableeghi Ijtima from Jan 26-28 stats in Orangi Town.

Karachi Ijtima Ready to Embrace Millions in Spiritual Gathering: A Glimpse into Unity and Comfort

Karachi prepares for a magnificent spectacle of faith and brotherhood as the Ijtima unfolds today in Gulshan Bihar Orangitown.

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Meticulous arrangements await millions of anticipated attendees, ensuring their comfort and spiritual enrichment throughout the three-day event.

A Tapestry of Amenities:

  • Convenience at hand: Dedicated wudu khana (ablution facilities), well-equipped canteens, and clean washrooms cater to every need.
  • Community spirit: Designated zones for diverse areas like Malir, Gulshan Iqbal, Bahria Town, and more foster a sense of unity among attendees.
  • Personalized touch: Each zone proudly displays its area name, creating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.
  • Tranquil devotion: Clearly marked prayer areas offer a serene space for congregational prayers.
  • Transparency guaranteed: A complete list of canteen prices ensures clarity and ease for attendees.

A Beacon of Spiritual Guidance:

  • Commencement and culmination: The Ijtima begins today after the Asar prayer and concludes with the Fajar prayer on January 28th.
  • Wisdom and inspiration: Renowned scholars and eloquent Zakirin will share their spiritual insights and teachings, illuminating the path for all.

Join the Convergence:

Witness the transformative power of faith and community at the Karachi Ijtima. Come together, connect, and rediscover your spiritual journey.

On the inaugural day of the Karachi Ijtima, Chaudhry Rafiq from Multan will share insightful thoughts, followed by a compelling bayan during Maghrib by Maulana Ahmed Batla.

The second day, January 26, will feature a Fajar bayan by Naeem Shah of Lahore, Hashmat Sahib from Lahore, Dr. Salim during Asar, and Maulana Abdullah presenting his bayan during Maghrib.

Continuing into Saturday, January 27, the spiritual journey will have Maulana Zia-ul-Haq Sahib enlightening the attendees during Fajar, Dr. Roohullah providing guidance in Zuhur, Muhammad Ali sharing wisdom in Asar, and Maulana Jamal uddin captivating the audience with his bayan during Maghrib.

Concluding on Sunday, January 28, Dr. Saleem will deliver the Fajar bayan, and Maulana Ahmed Batla will lead the collective prayer, marking the culmination of this profound gathering.

The Karachi Ijtima promises to be a soul-enriching experience, fostering spiritual unity and enlightenment among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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