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What is Raiwind Ijtema?

Lahore: What is Raiwind Ijtema? keep reading till last to know more about this one-of-a-kind religious gathering. It occurs once every year in Raiwind adjacent to Lahore.

Raiwind Ijtima, also known as the Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtima, is one of the largest religious congregations in the world.

Held annually in the town of Raiwind, near Lahore, Pakistan, this spiritual gathering draws millions of Muslims from different parts of the world.

In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the origins, significance, organization, and spiritual experience that Raiwind Ijtima offers.

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Raiwind Ijtima is an annual Islamic congregation that has garnered global attention due to its spiritual significance and the unity it fosters among Muslims. This comprehensive blog delves into the origins, objectives, organization, and unique experiences offered by Raiwind Ijtima in 2023, as well as its global impact.

Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2023

Raiwind Tabligi Ijtema 2023 is scheduled to take place during two phases:

Part I:

  • Start Date: Asr on November 2
  • End Date: After Fajr prayer on November 5
  • Dua: Offered at this stage
  • Participating Constituencies:
    • Kirk
    • Banu
    • Lucky Marwat
    • Dir
    • Bajaur
    • Tamragarh
    • Chitral
    • Pindi
    • Jhelum
    • Attock
    • Tala King
    • Chakwal
    • Sargodha
    • Khushab
    • Bhakkar
    • Mianwali
    • Kashmir complete
    • Sindh province (in addition to Karachi)

Part II:

  • Start Date: Asr on November 9
  • End Date: After Fajr prayer on November 12
  • Dua: Offered at this stage
  • Participating Constituencies:
    • Kohat
    • Hangu
    • Karam and Kazai Agency
    • Tirah
    • Dara Adam Khel
    • Sada
    • Mardan
    • Malakand
    • Dargai
    • Swabi
    • Ghazi
    • Tarbela
    • Gilgit
    • Besham
    • Bitgram
    • Mansara
    • Chalas
    • Abbottabad
    • Kohistan
    • Haripur
    • Torghar
    • Bahawalnagar
    • Bahawalpur
    • Rahimyar Khan
    • Lodhran
    • Gujranwala
    • Gujarat
    • Sheikhupura
    • Hafizabad
    • Sialkot
    • Narowal
    • Mandi Bahauddin

The first phase of Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema will occur from November 3 to November 6, while the second phase is scheduled from November 10 to November 13, 2023.

City Traffic Police Lahore has initiated the finalization of traffic plans for Tablighi Ijtema 2023.

CTO Lahore, Muntazar Mehdi, has given orders to complete the plans as soon as possible, emphasizing that parking is only allowed at designated parking stands.

Raiwind Tabligi Ijtema 2023 is scheduled to take place in two parts, each with a specific date and region:

Part I:

  • Date: 3rd November to 6th November 2023
  • Regions (Halka):
    1. Lahore, Kasur, Sheikupura
    2. Peshawar, Charsada, Abbottabad
    3. Multan, Muzafargarh, Iayyah
    4. Quetta, Pasheen, ZdbbjLdoua.

Part II:

  • Date: 10th November to 13th November 2023
  • Regions (Halka):
    1. Faisalabad, Tooba, Jhang, Chiniot, Saiwal
    2. Swat, Kaln, VI angora
    3. D.I.Khan, Miranshah, Wana, Vaziristan
    4. Karachi, Lnsbala, Gawndar, Tiirbat, Makran

I. The Roots of Raiwind Ijtima

1.1 The Tablighi Jamaat Movement Raiwind Ijtima finds its origins in the Tablighi Jamaat, a global Islamic missionary movement established by Muhammad Ilyas Kandhlawi in the early 20th century. The movement’s core principles revolve around individual spiritual reform and the dissemination of Islamic teachings.

1.2 The Inaugural Gathering The first Raiwind Ijtima was held in 1944. Initially, it was a relatively modest congregation with a few thousand participants, primarily from the local vicinity. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world’s largest religious gatherings.

II. The Significance of Raiwind Ijtima

2.1 Spiritual Revival Raiwind Ijtima serves as a spiritual sanctuary where attendees immerse themselves in religious discourses, collective prayers, and personal reflections. It offers a unique opportunity for Muslims to strengthen their faith and connection with Allah.

2.2 Spreading Islamic Values One of the primary objectives of Raiwind Ijtima is to spread the teachings of Islam. Distinguished Islamic scholars and preachers participate in the event, sharing insights on various aspects of faith, morality, and personal conduct.

2.3 Fostering Unity Raiwind Ijtima transcends geographical, linguistic, and cultural boundaries. It emphasizes the shared beliefs that unite the global Muslim community, fostering a sense of brotherhood and unity.

III. Organization and Structure of Raiwind Ijtima 2023

3.1 The Grand Scale Raiwind Ijtima has evolved into a colossal event that attracts millions of participants from all corners of the world. Organizing such a massive gathering requires meticulous planning and coordination.

3.2 A Three-Day Journey The Ijtima typically spans three days, commencing on Thursday and concluding on Sunday. Each day is structured with specific activities, including religious sermons, group discussions, and collective prayers.

3.3 Esteemed Preachers and Scholars Renowned Islamic scholars and preachers are invited to address the gathering. They offer valuable insights on Islamic topics, interpret Quranic verses, and provide guidance on leading a life in accordance with Islamic principles.

IV. The Spiritual Experience of Raiwind Ijtima

4.1 The Tent City Raiwind Ijtima is renowned for its sprawling tent city that accommodates attendees. These communal living arrangements in tents are a hallmark of the event, fostering a profound sense of brotherhood among participants.

4.2 Congregational Prayers One of the most remarkable aspects of Raiwind Ijtima is the collective performance of religious rituals. Participants engage in congregational prayers led by distinguished scholars, creating an atmosphere of profound spirituality.

4.3 Personal Reflection and Self-Purification Raiwind Ijtima offers attendees a unique opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. It is a time to assess one’s life, seek forgiveness, and recommit to the path of righteousness.

4.4 Interaction and Learning Participants engage in conversations, share experiences, and learn from one another. This environment allows attendees to gain insights into the diverse Muslim communities from around the world.

V. The Global Impact of Raiwind Ijtima

5.1 An International Presence What originated as a local congregation has evolved into a global phenomenon. People from various countries, including India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and the United States, make the pilgrimage to Raiwind to participate.

5.2 The Influence of Tablighi Jamaat The Tablighi Jamaat movement, through events like Raiwind Ijtima, has played a crucial role in promoting Islamic values and personal religious growth. Its impact resonates worldwide.

VI. Challenges and Controversies

6.1 Local Impact While Raiwind Ijtima enjoys global recognition, it does pose challenges for the local community. The sheer volume of attendees puts pressure on local resources, leading to concerns from residents about the event’s scale.

6.2 Security and Health Ensuring the safety and well-being of millions of attendees is a formidable challenge. Security measures must be in place to manage large crowds, provide medical assistance, and maintain order.


Raiwind Ijtima stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, community, and unity. The 2023 gathering continues to attract Muslims from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a unique opportunity to strengthen their spirituality, share their experiences, and promote unity in the global Muslim community.

While the event faces logistical and local challenges, its significance in the Islamic world remains unwavering. As Raiwind Ijtima continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who attend.

Note: The information above might not be 100% correct. Please verify from your own sources.

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