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Karachi Literature Festival 2024 Commences Today

Karachi Literature Festival 2024 Commences Today, February 16th.
The much-awaited Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) 2024 commences today at the Beach Luxury Hotel, heralding a vibrant celebration of literature, art, and intellectual discourse.

Themed ‘Sustainability: Words changing Mindsets,’ this cultural extravaganza promises an enriching journey.

Featuring over 200 speakers from eight countries across 75 diverse sessions, the festival serves as a nexus of ideas spanning literature, economy, environment, education, and current affairs.

Attendees can expect the launch of 25 books alongside engaging activities such as drama, satire, exhibitions, film screenings, and artistic expressions.

Open to all, the inaugural day boasts keynote speeches by notable figures like Pakistani architect and activist Arif Hasan and British-Palestinian lawyer and writer Selma Dabbagh. The day culminates in a captivating performance of Faiz’s poetry by the talented Nighat Choudhry.

Amidst the weekend, notable speakers like Jordanian academic Joseph Massad, political scientist Dr. Martin Axmann, journalist Hasnain Kazim, and acclaimed novelist Mohsin Hamid will share their insights. KLF 2024 boasts a diverse range of topics, from Urdu poetry and sustainability to political reforms, including a grand Mushaira helmed by Pakistani poet Iftikhar Arif.

Beyond literature, KLF 2024 delves into discussions on books, ethical governance, urban dynamics, comedy, storytelling, human rights, and sustainability. As the festival progresses, it seeks to ignite change and challenge perspectives, demonstrating the influential role of literature in community development.

The culmination on February 18 features keynote speeches by distinguished scholars Najeeba Arif and Joseph Massad, paying tribute to KLF literary icons and concluding with a soul-stirring Sufi Qawwali performance by Qawwal Najmuddin Saifuddin and Brothers. Join this literary journey that promises to leave a lasting impact on the cultural landscape.


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