You are currently viewing Islamabad Police Character Certificate Fee 2024

Islamabad Police Character Certificate Fee 2024

Islamabad Police Character Certificate Fee 2024.

Islamabad Police Update Service Fees for 2024: Character Certificates, Verification, and More!

Attention Islamabad residents! The Islamabad Police have recently implemented a revised fee structure for various services offered to the city’s inhabitants.

This update comes under the authority of the newly appointed Inspector General of Police, Ali Nasir Rizvi.

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Islamabad Police Services Fee Breakdown (2024):

  • Police Character Certificate: Acquiring a Police Character Certificate now costs Rs. 1,000. This document is often required for visa applications, job opportunities abroad, and immigration purposes.
  • Police General Verification & Foreigner Registration: The fee for both Police General Verification and Foreigner Registration certificates has also been standardized at Rs. 1,000.
  • Motorcycle Verification: Motorcycle owners seeking verification will pay Rs. 1,000.
  • Car Verification: Standard car verification services come at a cost of Rs. 1,500.
  • Motorcar Verification (Forensic): For a more comprehensive Motorcar Verification Certificate with forensic analysis, the fee is Rs. 3,500.

Transparency and Streamlined Processes:

This official notification from the Islamabad Police ensures transparency and clarity regarding service fees.

It empowers residents to make informed decisions when seeking these essential services.

Facilitating Efficient Service Delivery:

The notification further instructs relevant authorities, including In-Charges and Operators at various facilitation centers, to ensure the proper collection of these fees.

Additionally, they are directed to deposit the collected funds, along with supporting documentation, into the designated welfare account of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police.

Finding the Right Information Quickly:

Are you unsure about which service you require or the necessary documents for your application?

The Islamabad Police website is a valuable resource. It offers comprehensive information on various services, application procedures, and fee structures.

By visiting their website, you can easily find the specific details you need.

Here’s How This Update Benefits You:

  • Clear Fee Structure: This revised fee structure eliminates confusion and ensures residents are aware of the costs associated with each service.
  • Streamlined Service Delivery: The notification provides instructions to relevant authorities, promoting efficient service delivery and minimizing delays.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The focus on depositing collected fees into the ICT Police welfare account ensures transparency and accountability in resource management.

Stay Informed and Navigate Your Needs Smoothly:

Whether you’re applying for a visa, seeking employment abroad, or simply require car verification services, this revised fee structure from the Islamabad Police provides clarity and simplifies your experience.

By understanding the updated costs and utilizing the resources available through the Islamabad Police website, you can navigate your service needs with ease.

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