You are currently viewing Is Your Name on the FBR SIM Block List 2024? Check Here

Is Your Name on the FBR SIM Block List 2024? Check Here

Is Your Name on the FBR SIM Block List 2024? Check Here

FBR Cracks Down on Tax Evasion: Non-Filers Face SIM Blockade!

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken a significant step towards boosting tax compliance in Pakistan.

In a nationwide campaign, the FBR has begun blocking the SIM cards of identified non-filers with taxable income.

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This initiative aims to incentivize tax filing and discourage tax evasion.

Immediate Action Against Non-Filers:

Effective immediately, the SIM cards of over 506,671 individuals fall under this blockade. These individuals:

  • Did not file tax returns for tax year 2023.
  • Are not listed as Active Taxpayers.

An FBR notification directed telecom companies to enforce the SIM block, significantly impacting non-filers’ ability to use their mobile phones until they address their tax filing status.

Unblocking Your SIM: A Conditional Process

Regaining access to a blocked SIM card requires more than just waiting for May 15th. Non-filers must complete the tax filing process and potentially seek approval:

  • Tax Filing Completion: Individuals must first file their tax returns for the relevant year.
  • Approval Process: Unblocking the SIM card may necessitate further approval from either the FBR or the relevant commissioner’s office. This adds an additional layer of scrutiny to ensure compliance.

Just the Beginning: More Phasing Out Planned

Industry insiders suggest this is just the first wave of a larger FBR strategy. Data on over 2 million individuals has reportedly been compiled. This suggests that future phases might target a wider range of non-filers with similar measures.

Beyond SIM Blockage: Broader Enforcement Measures

The FBR’s arsenal extends beyond SIM blockades. They also possess the authority to disconnect electricity connections of non-filers. This comprehensive approach underscores the government’s commitment to tackling tax evasion and promoting responsible financial citizenship.

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