You are currently viewing Iron Prices Increased by PKR 7000 Rupees Per Ton

Iron Prices Increased by PKR 7000 Rupees Per Ton

Iron Prices Increased by PKR 7000 Rupees Per Ton.

Pakistan’s Construction Sector Feels the Heat: Iron Soars, Cement Slips

Steel prices in Pakistan are on fire, skyrocketing 7,000 rupees per ton in a fresh blow to the construction industry.

This latest hike, following a 5,000 rupee jump in October, pushes the cost of a ton to a record 270,000 rupees. Experts blame rising raw material costs and potential supply chain disruptions for the price surge.

But while steel sizzles, cement takes a dip.

In the north of the country, average retail prices per bag have cooled by 0.84%, settling at 1,246 rupees. This dynamic presents both challenges and opportunities:

  • For builders: Steel price hikes will bite into project budgets, demanding careful cost adjustments.
  • For potential builders: The slight cement drop could be a silver lining, offering a potential cost advantage for near-term construction plans.

It’s a tale of two materials in Pakistan’s construction sector.

While steel burns hot, cement takes a cool turn. Navigating this volatile market will be key for businesses to weather the storm and seize any opportunities that emerge.

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