You are currently viewing Islamabad Postal Codes for all Areas 2024

Islamabad Postal Codes for all Areas 2024

Islamabad Postal Codes for all Areas 2024.

Forget Delays, Embrace Efficiency: Islamabad’s Postal Code Power Up

In today’s lightning-fast world of online shopping and express deliveries, precision is king. And that’s where Islamabad’s stellar postal code system shines.

No more lost packages, no more late birthday surprises – these handy little numbers are the secret sauce behind seamless deliveries in Pakistan’s bustling capital.

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Think of postal codes as GPS for your mail. They’re the guiding stars for couriers, pinpointing your address with laser accuracy. This means faster deliveries, fewer mishaps, and ultimately, happier customers (and frustrated postmen!).

Businesses rejoice! Postal codes are your delivery optimization superheroes. They streamline operations, cut down on errors, and boost customer satisfaction like a charm.

E-commerce platforms can use them to verify addresses at checkout, preventing the “wrong address” delivery blues. Logistics companies? Say goodbye to routing nightmares and hello to smooth, efficient deliveries every time.

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Islamabad’s postal code system is a well-oiled machine. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of postal codes for all major areas, so you can navigate the city’s mail maze with ease.

Want to join the delivery revolution?

  • Share this list with your fellow Islamabadis! Knowledge is power, and postal code power means happy deliveries for everyone.
  • Demand accurate postal codes from online retailers. Don’t settle for vague addresses – insist on the magic numbers!
  • Spread the word about Islamabad’s efficient postal system. Let the world know this city takes its deliveries seriously!

Remember, accurate postal codes are the fuel that keeps the delivery engine running smoothly. So buckle up, Islamabad, and get ready for a smooth, efficient ride into the future of mail!

The capital city of Islamabad boasts a well-organized postal system, with each area assigned a specific postal code for streamlined mail and package delivery.

Here is a comprehensive list of postal codes for various areas in Islamabad:

  • Ali Pur Frash: 45600
  • Bagnial: 45240
  • Bhara Kahu: 45400
  • Chirah: 45680
  • Golra: 45200
  • Herdogher: 45800
  • Islamabad Aiwan-e-Saddar: 44040
  • Allama Iqbal Open University: 44310
  • Islamabad B-Block Pak Secretariat: 44020
  • Islamabad Cabinet Block: 44030
  • Islamabad E-9 (Air HQ): 44230
  • F-7 Markaz: 44210
  • F-8 Markaz: 44220
  • Islamabad Federal Board: 44320
  • Islamabad GPO: 44000
  • G-10 Markaz: 44100
  • Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office: 44050
  • G-8 Markaz: 44080
  • G-9 Markaz: 44090
  • Islamabad Hajj Complex: 45210
  • I-10 Markaz: 44800
  • I-8/4: 44790
  • Islamabad National Health Laboratories: 45500
  • Islamabad Prime Minister Secretariat: 44010
  • Quaid-e-Azam University: 45320
  • Kuri: 45570
  • Lohi Bher: 45710
  • Mara Jaffar: 45250
  • Model Town Humak: 45700
  • Nilore: 45650
  • Noorpur Shahan: 45300
  • Pakistan Town (Korang Town): 45720
  • Rawal Town: 45510
  • Rawat: 45900
  • Shah Allah Ditta: 45220
  • Sihala: 45750
  • Sohan: 45740
  • Tarlai Kalan: 45550
  • Tarnol: 45230

These postal codes play a crucial role in facilitating efficient and accurate mail delivery, ensuring that residents and businesses can rely on a well-connected logistics network.

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