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How to Transfer PF From OneCompany to Another

How to Transfer PF From OneCompany to Another.

If you’re switching companies and want to transfer your PF balance to your new employer, follow these steps for a smooth transition:

  1. Understand the Benefits: Transferring your PF balance rather than withdrawing it helps increase your retirement savings and is tax-efficient. Withdrawing PF funds within five years of continuous service incurs taxation.
  2. Access Your EPF Account: Sign in to your EPF account using your UAN and password here.
  3. Initiate Transfer Request: In the ‘Online Services’ section, select ‘One Member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request)’.
  4. Review Personal Information: Carefully review your personal details and current PF account information.
  5. Retrieve Previous Employment Details: Click on ‘Get Details’ to retrieve information about your previous PF account.
  6. Attestation: Depending on your preference and DSC approval, self-attest the claim form or have it attested by your previous or current employer.
  7. Enter Employer Details: Select the relevant employer and enter your Member ID or UAN in the provided fields.
  8. OTP Verification: Click on ‘Get OTP’ to receive a one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to validate your identity and click ‘Submit’.
  9. Transfer Request Form: Once validated, an online PF transfer request form will be generated. Self-attest this form and send it in PDF format to your chosen employer.
  10. Employer Notification: Your employer will receive an online notification regarding the EPF transfer request.

Following these steps ensures a seamless transfer of your PF balance to your new employer, safeguarding your retirement savings.

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