You are currently viewing Honda Pridor Two-year Installment Plan 2024

Honda Pridor Two-year Installment Plan 2024

Honda Pridor Two-year Installment Plan 2024.

Affordable Financing Options:

Looking to spread the cost of your new Pridor? Financial institutions like Meezan Bank offer Shariah-compliant financing solutions like “Musawammah.”

Under this scheme, the bank purchases the bike and sells it to you with easy monthly installments over a chosen period.

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Here’s an example of a Mezan Bank 2-year installment plan for the Honda Pridor 100cc:

  • Down Payment: Rs. 52,225 (25%)
  • Processing Fee: Rs. 1,800
  • Total Upfront: Rs. 54,025
  • Number of Months: 24
  • Per Month Installment: Rs. 9,168

Why the Honda Pridor Continues to Rule Pakistani Roads

In the bustling streets of Pakistan, one motorcycle consistently stands out: the Honda Pridor.

This isn’t just a commuter bike; it’s a symbol of fuel efficiency, performance, and enduring style. Here’s why the Pridor remains a top choice for riders across the nation:

Built for Performance and Comfort:

The Pridor boasts a powerful 100cc overhead camshaft engine, delivering impressive acceleration and a smooth ride. Combined with its excellent suspension, the Pridor tackles bumpy roads with ease while offering a luxurious feel on well-maintained surfaces.

Eye-Catching Design and Unmatched Durability:

Looks matter! The Pridor’s glossy masked headlight, large indicators, and modern wrapped muffler create a modern and sleek aesthetic. But beauty isn’t everything. The Pridor is renowned for its unmatched durability and reliability, ensuring a long lifespan for your investment.

A Smart Investment with Easy Maintenance:

Owning a Pridor is a smart financial decision. The Honda brand name guarantees a quick resale value, and readily available parts and low maintenance costs make it incredibly economical to own.

Ride with Confidence, Choose the Honda Pridor!

The Honda Pridor offers a compelling combination of performance, fuel efficiency, style, and affordability. With easy financing options available, there’s no better time to own your dream ride. Visit your nearest Honda dealership today and experience the Pridor difference!

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