You are currently viewing NADRA Smart ID Card Latest Renewal Fee 2024

NADRA Smart ID Card Latest Renewal Fee 2024

NADRA Smart ID Card Latest Renewal Fee 2024.

Renew Your Pakistani Smart NIC in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide with Updated Fees

The National Identity Card (NIC) is your gateway to essential services in Pakistan. Issued by the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA), the NIC plays a crucial role in everything from obtaining a driving license to opening a bank account.

To ensure the card’s legitimacy and security, NADRA constantly implements cutting-edge technology and maintains strict operational guidelines.

Why You Need a Valid NIC

As of December 2023, having a valid NIC has become even more critical. Your unique 13-digit identification number serves as a key to access a wide range of official documents, including:

  • Driving Licenses
  • National Tax Numbers (NTNs)
  • Bank Accounts
  • Passports
  • Mobile Phone Connections

Simply put, if you’re 18 years old or above and a Pakistani citizen, a valid NIC is mandatory.

Renewing Your Smart NIC: Fees & Options

If your NIC is nearing its expiry date, don’t fret! Renewing your Smart NIC is a straightforward process. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Updated Fee Structure (Effective 2024):
    • Normal Renewal Fee: Rs. 750
    • Urgent Services Fee: Rs. 1,500
    • Executive Services Fee: Rs. 2,500

Two Convenient Renewal Methods:

1. NADRA Registration Center (NRC):

  • Visit your nearest NRC center. Locate your nearest center easily on the NADRA website (
  • Here’s what to expect at the NRC:
    • Take a token and wait your turn.
    • Have a fresh photograph captured for your renewed card.
    • Provide your fingerprints and signature for verification.
    • Review your application details on a printed form after data entry.
    • Submit the printed application form after it’s attested by a gazetted officer (government official).

2. Pak Identity Website:

  • Enjoy the convenience of online renewal! For existing Smart NIC holders, the Pak Identity website ( allows you to submit a renewal application for your card.
  • Upon successful application, your renewed Smart NIC will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Important Note: Applying for a new NIC cannot be done through the Pak Identity website. New NIC applications require a visit to the NRC.

Stay Informed, Renew on Time

By keeping yourself updated on the latest fee structure and renewal procedures, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for renewing your essential Smart NIC.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Information

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Renewal Timeline: It’s advisable to initiate your NIC renewal process well before the expiry date to avoid any delays or disruptions to accessing essential services.
  • Required Documents: While visiting the NRC, ensure you carry any necessary documents mentioned on the NADRA website (
  • Eligibility for Online Renewal: The online renewal option through the Pak Identity website is currently limited to existing Smart NIC holders. For other NIC types or first-time applicants, visiting the NRC remains the preferred method.

By following these guidelines and utilizing either the NRC or online renewal option, you can ensure your Pakistani Smart NIC remains valid, granting you continued access to important services and functionalities.

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