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Vlektra Electric Now Available With New Installment Plans

Vlektra Electric Now Available With New Installment Plans.

Beat the Pump! Vlektra Electric Unveils Easy Installment Plans for Eco-Friendly Rides

Soaring petrol prices have many motorcycle riders hitting the brakes. But what if there was a way to ditch the pump altogether and embrace a greener, more cost-effective ride?

Vlektra Electric Motorcycles steps up to the challenge with the introduction of exciting installment plans for all their electric motorcycle models!


Vlektra’s new installment plans remove the traditional barrier of upfront costs, making the switch to electric motorcycles a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of their 24-month installment plans, allowing you to own your dream electric ride without breaking the bank:

  • The Velocity: This entry-level option boasts a 0% markup plan. With a down payment of Rs. 180,000, your monthly payments come in at a manageable Rs. 9,948.
  • The 1969: Embrace classic style with a modern twist. The 1969 also features a 0% markup plan, with a down payment of Rs. 275,505 and monthly installments of Rs. 17,720.
  • The BOLT: For the tech-savvy rider, the BOLT offers a sleek, futuristic design. This premium model requires a down payment of Rs. 260,945, followed by monthly installments of Rs. 16,310.
  • The Retro: Cruise in vintage style with the Retro model. This crowd-pleaser comes with a down payment of Rs. 190,000 and affordable monthly installments of Rs. 9,965.

Beyond Savings: The Power of Electric

Vlektra’s installment plans go beyond immediate financial benefits. By choosing an electric motorcycle, you’ll experience significant cost savings in the long run. Electric vehicles boast lower running costs per kilometer compared to their petrol-guzzling counterparts. This translates to more money in your pocket and a lighter environmental footprint.

Embrace the Future, Ride Electric Today!

With rising fuel costs and growing environmental concerns, electric motorcycles are no longer a futuristic fantasy; they’re a practical and sustainable solution for today’s riders. Vlektra’s innovative installment plans pave the way for a smooth transition to electric mobility. Visit their website or authorized dealerships to explore their exciting range of electric motorcycles and find the perfect fit for your eco-conscious ride. Don’t let rising petrol prices hold you back – choose Vlektra Electric and experience the future of transportation, today!

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