You are currently viewing Chicken Rates in Lahore Increased: Check Here!

Chicken Rates in Lahore Increased: Check Here!

Chicken Rates in Lahore Increased: Check Here!

Surge in Chicken Prices in Lahore and Punjab: A Detailed Overview

Chicken prices in Lahore and other cities across Punjab have recently surged, reaching almost Rs 485 per kilogram.

This increase comes about a month after Eid, during which the consumption of other meats spiked, subsequently driving up the demand for chicken.

Current Market Prices

Local traders report that the price of broiler chicken meat has soared to Rs 483 per kilogram.

Over the last three days alone, broiler chicken meat prices have risen by Rs 99 per kilogram.

This sudden hike underscores the growing demand for chicken as other meat supplies were heavily consumed post-Eid.

  • Wholesale Market: Live broiler chickens are priced at Rs 321 per kilogram.
  • Retail Market: Live broiler chickens are priced at Rs 333 per kilogram.
  • Egg Prices: Despite the fluctuations in chicken prices, the cost of eggs remains stable at Rs 250 per dozen.

Factors Influencing the Price Hike

The recent spike in chicken meat prices can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Increased Demand Post-Eid: After Eid, the demand for chicken increased significantly as the consumption of other meats decreased.
  2. Supply Chain Dynamics: Fluctuations in supply and demand dynamics have also contributed to the price increase.
  3. Production Costs: Rising costs of feed and other production inputs may have further pushed up prices.

Impact on Consumers

Consumers in Punjab are feeling the pinch of these rising prices, as chicken is a staple in many households. The higher costs of essential food items like chicken are straining household budgets and may continue to do so if demand remains high and supplies do not meet needs.

Future Outlook

If the demand for chicken continues to exceed supply, the trend of rising prices may persist. Monitoring the market and staying informed about price changes can help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.


The surge in chicken prices in Lahore and other cities across Punjab highlights the complex interplay of demand and supply in the market. With broiler chicken meat reaching nearly Rs 485 per kilogram, consumers are facing higher costs for a staple food item.

To stay updated on the latest prices and market trends, consumers should regularly check trusted sources and market reports. For more detailed information on poultry prices and market dynamics, visit the Punjab Poultry Association or consult with local market experts.

By staying informed, consumers can better navigate the fluctuating market and manage their household budgets more effectively.

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