You are currently viewing Hajj 2024 Operation: Flight schedule from May 9th-June 9th

Hajj 2024 Operation: Flight schedule from May 9th-June 9th

Hajj 2024 Operation: Flight schedule from May 9th-June 9th.

Hajj 2024 Flight Schedule Announced: Embark on Your Sacred Journey from May 9th!

Pakistani pilgrims eagerly awaiting their Hajj pilgrimage in 2024 can rejoice!

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has finally unveiled the flight schedule for departures, taking place from May 9th to June 9th.

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This crucial information allows pilgrims to finalize their travel arrangements and prepare for their spiritual journey to Mecca.

Direct Flights to Medina and Jeddah Airports:

The flight schedule offers a convenient option for pilgrims:

  • Initial Focus on Medina: For the first 15 days of the operation (May 9th to May 23rd), all departing flights will land directly at Medina Airport. This allows pilgrims to begin their journey at the Prophet’s Mosque, a significant location in Islamic history.
  • Jeddah Airport Operations: Following the initial period, flights from May 24th to June 9th will primarily arrive at Jeddah Airport. This airport efficiently handles a larger volume of incoming pilgrims.

Departure Details from Major Pakistani Cities:

The Ministry has also provided a breakdown of departures from major Pakistani cities on the first day of the operation (May 9th):

  • Islamabad: Three flights will carry a total of 680 pilgrims.
  • Karachi: Two flights will transport 330 pilgrims.
  • Lahore: Three flights are scheduled to depart with 670 pilgrims.
  • Multan: Two flights will carry 329 pilgrims.
  • Sialkot: One flight will transport 151 pilgrims.

Gradual Departures and Diverse Options:

These initial departures signify the commencement of a larger operation. Over the allocated period, a total of 259 Hajj flights will transport over 68,000 pilgrims participating in various government-sponsored schemes. This ensures a gradual departure process, minimizing congestion and ensuring a smooth travel experience for all pilgrims.

Return Flights and Completion of the Journey:

The Hajj flight operation concludes on June 9th. However, the return journey for pilgrims starts later. The first flight bringing back honored pilgrims to Pakistan is scheduled for June 20th, marking the culmination of their sacred journey.

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