You are currently viewing Forest department fires 27 employees for illegal deforestation

Forest department fires 27 employees for illegal deforestation

Forest department fires 27 employees for illegal deforestation.

Axed for Axing the Trees: 27 Forest Dept. Staff Fired for Illegal Logging in Pakistan

A strong message against environmental crime echoes through the mountainous valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

The Forest, Parks, Wildlife, and Environment Department has sent shockwaves by dismissing 27 employees for their alleged involvement in the illegal transportation of timber in the Chakrakot area.

This unprecedented move signifies the government’s zero tolerance policy towards deforestation and its commitment to holding individuals accountable, regardless of their position.

Unearthing the Roots of the Problem:

  • Thorough Investigation: A comprehensive investigation, overseen by senior officials, exposed the involvement of six project staff and 21 contingent staff in facilitating illegal timber movement.
  • Disciplinary Action: These employees were dismissed, while 10 regular guards and seven forest guards faced suspension pending further inquiry.
  • Persistent Threat: Despite past efforts, illegal logging continued to plague Chakrakot. The recent surge prompted decisive action from the G-B government.

Taking a Stand for Sustainability:

  • Following Orders: The Chief Secretary, acting on government directives, ordered strict action against all involved, particularly those within the forest department.
  • Legal Pursuit: The department is actively pursuing legal action against the accused, determined to uncover the full extent of their involvement and bring them to justice.
  • Expanding the Net: Strict measures are being implemented to curb illegal logging in other regions, demonstrating a wider commitment to protecting the country’s precious forests.

Securing the Future:

  • Vehicle Confiscations: The department is intensifying efforts to seize vehicles used in illegal timber transportation, sending a clear message to potential offenders.
  • Preserving Resources: These actions reaffirm the government’s dedication to safeguarding the region’s natural resources and ensuring their sustainable management for generations to come.

This decisive action by the Pakistani government sets a powerful precedent in the fight against environmental crime.

By holding individuals accountable and implementing stricter regulations, they aim to secure a greener future for the nation and its precious forests.

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