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FIA Summons Aleema Khan for Hatred Spread

FIA Summons Aleema Khan for Hatred Spread against the state institution.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has summoned Aleema Khan, the sister of former prime minister Imran Khan, to inquire about allegations of spreading animosity against state institutions and fostering division among the people of Pakistan and the army.

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Aleema Khan has been instructed to provide her statement at the FIA headquarters by 11 am on February 16 or face potential legal consequences.

The summons, issued by FIA’s Counter Terrorism Wing (CTW), is part of a cybercrime investigation initiated against her on the grounds of allegedly instigating fear and unrest in society through her public addresses.

The notice alleges that she encouraged

violence against the state, prompting the FIA to take action. This isn’t the first instance of legal trouble for Aleema Khan; she previously faced allegations of undisclosed assets and tax evasion, resulting in a substantial fine.

Additionally, she has faced criticism regarding her involvement in the PTI’s foreign funding case.

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