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How to Check Your Polling Station via SMS

How to Check Your Polling Station via SMS for General Elections 2024 in Pakistan.

In a forward-looking step towards promoting civic participation, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has collaborated with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to introduce a convenient SMS service for eligible voters.

This initiative aims to simplify the process of checking voter registration status, providing the public with easy access to essential information.

To utilize this user-friendly service, eligible voters can simply enter their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number without hyphens or spaces and send it to the designated number 8300.

How to Check Your Polling Station via SMS

Within moments, an automated response will be received, furnishing details such as the name of the electoral area, block code, and serial number.

No more hassle in verifying voter registration. By typing your CNIC and sending it to 8300, you not only receive an updated voter record but also gain insights into your designated voting station.

Furthermore, the ECP underscores its commitment to inclusivity, allowing every registered voter the opportunity to cross-verify their particulars. An alternative method for checking registration details is visiting the District Election Commissioner’s (DEC) office, where the final electoral roll is accessible. To enhance voter convenience, the addresses and contact information of DEC offices across the four provinces can be easily found on the Election Commission’s official website.

This innovative approach to voter empowerment exemplifies the dedication of the Election Commission of Pakistan and NADRA to ensuring a transparent and accessible electoral process. By embracing technology, the ECP aims to make information readily available to the public, fostering a culture of active participation and awareness among voters.

For more details or to utilize the SMS service, please visit the Election Commission’s official website and take a step towards an informed and engaged electorate.

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