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DHA Islamabad Phase 9


DHA Islamabad Phase 9 (ڈی ایچ اے نائن اسلام آباد) is a new phase introduced by the Defense Housing Authority (DHA). The entity is known for giving world-class architecture and an international standard lifestyle to its residents. DHA has successfully completed several housing projects all across the country, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Multan, Gujranwala, and Hyderabad. The bar has been set high, and precedent is there to see for all. One thing is for sure: the DHA Phase, 9 Islamabad plot for sale, might not fall in the budget of many. So beware about the prices in advance. Invest at the earliest, or you will miss the window of affordability.

DHA is the biggest government residential project in the country. Pakistan Army is administrating and managing this mega real estate project. The chairman of DHA is the Defense Secretary. The NOC law was passed in Parliament in 2002 to make it institutionalized. It is important to bring to your notice that DHA 9, an extension of DHA Islamabad falls in the territory of Rawalpindi, so you may also call it DHA Phase 9 Rawalpindi or DHA 9 Rawalpindi.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Developers:

DHA is a government-owned housing project led and managed by the Pakistan Army. Habib Rafiq Group is the official development partner of Phase 9 Islamabad. They are well-known and reputable real estate developers and have worked on several successful real estate projects.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Developers

Defense Secretary is the chairman of this housing project. A serving Brigadier heads the organization and works as the Administrator. He is the Chief Executive of the organization and exercises all executive powers in accordance with the policies and the decisions of the Executive Board. Secretary and various Directors are generally retired Military Officers.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Location:

The location map of DHA Islamabad Phase 9 is ideally located at the M2 (Islamabad- Lahore) Motorway across the Capital Smart City.

DHA Phase 9 Location

Thalian Interchange and Islamabad International Airport are in close proximity to DHA Phase 9 Rawalpindi location.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 location 1

DHA Phase 6 and DHA Phase 7 are comparatively nearer to DHA Phase 9 than its other phases.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Location Map

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 location

The location plays an important role in the success of a housing project. That is why DHA chooses the location of its projects after a huge deal of research.

Some of the projects by DHA are:

  • DHA City
  • DHA Valley
  • DHA Lahore
  • DHA Quetta
  • DHA Multan
  • DHA Karachi
  • DHA Peshawar
  • DHA Islamabad
  • DHA Hyderabad
  • DHA Gujranwala
  • DHA Bahawalpur

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 NOC:

DHA Phase 9 is a safe and legal housing venture because it does not need a separate NOC approval as it is a government-owned housing project led and managed by the Pakistan Army. A law was passed in Parliament in 2002 to make it constitutionalized. So don’t miss this opportunity and invest your money in this mega project.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Master Plan:

The master plan of DHA Phase 9 is designed by a highly professional team of town planners, architects, and engineers. DHA has already completed several projects nationwide and has set the bar really high for all other housing projects.

All those projects provide high-quality living standards to their residents. Reportedly, Phase 9 has acquired 15,000 Kanal of land and is offering different sizes of residential and commercial plots. For confirmed information, please contact the official management.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Residential Plots:

Although there is no official information, as per calculated guess, it will offer several sizes of residential plots, such as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Payment Plan:

Reportedly, the official payment plan of DHA Phase 9 has not been released by the management yet as the project has not been launched yet and is in the process of launching soon. According to the unconfirmed sources, the price for:

  • 1 Kanal land in DHA Phase 9 will be around Rs. 22,500,000/- 

DHA offers easy installment schedules for its residents.

DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Salient Features:

Some of the salient features of Phase 9 that make it exceptional are as follows:

  • Mosque
  • Schools
  • Graveyard
  • Wide Roads
  • 24/7 Security
  • Health Facilities
  • Main Boulevard
  • Commercial Area
  • Gated Community
  • Park & Playgrounds
  • Gyms & Sports Facilities

FAQs Phase 9:

Some of the frequently asked questions about Phase 9 of DHA Islamabad are as follows: 

Q1: Where is Defense Housing Authority Phase 9 Islamabad located?

Ans: Phase 9 is located on the M2 Motorway near Capital Smart City and Thalian Interchange.

Q2: Who are the developers of Phase 9 of DHA Rawalpindi?

Ans: The developing partner of Phase 9 is Habib Rafiq Group.

Q3: What is the status of the NOC of Phase 9?

Ans: DHA does not need a separate NOC from any government authority as it is a government-owned housing project.

Q4: Which part of DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi is nearest to Phase IX?

Ans: Phase 6 and Phase 7 of DHA are the nearest to Phase 9.

Q5: Is DHA a private or government-owned housing society?

Ans: DHA is a government-owned housing society managed by the Pakistan Army.

Q6: What type of properties are available in DHAI-R?

Ans: Different sizes of residential and commercial properties are available in Phase 9.

Q7: What are the resale opportunities in DHAI 9?

Ans: Phase 9 has a great resale value as it is the largest government-owned housing venture in Pakistan.

Q8: What documents are required to buy a property in DHA Islamabad 9?

Ans: Documents required to buy a property in Phase 9 are as follows:

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Two copies of your NIC/NICOP
  • Two copies of the NIC of your next kin

Q9: Is Phase 9 a good investment opportunity?

Ans: Phase 9 is definitely a good investment as it is a government-owned project, and there are high chances that it will give you a high ROI.


DHA Islamabad Phase 9 is a new expansion of this mega project. Their projects span all over the country and give its residents top-notch facilities with a world-class living experience. DHA is a legal real estate project and the Pakistan Army manages the projects. It is located on the M2 Motorway near Capital Smart City.

This new phase of DHA will be an excellent addition to real estate projects in twin cities. Local and overseas investors are showing great interest in this project, so don’t miss this opportunity and invest your money and get a big profit. DHA Phase 9 Islamabad prices will surely fluctuate as per the market`s conditions.

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