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Aiwa City Attock Location

Attock: Aiwa City Attock Location is ideally placed at GT Road Attock, neighboring Haji Shah Town. It is a world-class gated community providing a safe and secure environment with a high-quality living experience for the people of Attock. The venture is developed by the 5G Group of Companies and designed by the Singapore-based designing company Surbana Jurong.

The developers of this remarkable project have previously delivered many successful world-class projects, including:

  • Lakeway Cottages Naran
  • 5G Emporium Islamabad
  • Sialkot Motorway City

Many famous landmarks and places are near the housing venture. It can be accessed through multiple routes as you can reach there from Motorway and GT Road. Capital city Islamabad and Wah City are in close proximity to this housing venture.

Aiwa City Attock Location:

The location of Aiwa City Attock is ideal for visitors, residents, and investors as it lies at the main GT Road Attock. You can access aiwa city Attock from GT Road/Main Peshawar Road, Attock Road, Hazro-Gondal Road, and Malah Shadi Khan Road.

Aiwa City Attock Location

Aiwa City Attock Location Map:

The prime location makes it the best investment and residential opportunity in 2023.

Aiwa City Location Map

If you want to live in a place that is affordable and easily accessible, then Aiwa City should be your first choice.

Aiwa City Accessibilities

You can access Aiwa City from several routes, such as:

  • Aiwa City is located at GT Road
  • Nearly 24 min drive away from Kamra City
  • Nearly 30 min drive away from Attock City
  • Nearly 2 min drive away from Attock Road
  • Nearly 33 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • Nearly 5 min drive away from HazroGondal Road
  • Nearly 6 min drive away from Malah Shadi Khan Road

Nearby Landmarks

Here are the main landmarks/cities/places near Aiwa City:

Aiwa City Attock Location 1

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The NOC (No Objection Certificate) of this project is under process. Allegedly, all the legal documentation is submitted to the concerned authorities. Aiwa City Attock offers different sizes of residential plots in easy installment plans.


Aiwa City Attock Location will prove to be highly profitable for this magnificent housing society in the vicinity of Attock City and Kamra City. It has access from 4 major routes and is located at the main GT Road with a wide entrance and beautiful entrance gates. This is the best time to invest in Aiwa City Attock.

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