You are currently viewing Bikes Registration Fees increased in Punjab – Budget 2024-25

Bikes Registration Fees increased in Punjab – Budget 2024-25

Bikes Registration Fees increased in Punjab – Budget 2024-25

Bikes Registration Fees increased in Punjab – Budget 2024-25.

Punjab Government Overhauls Automobile Registration: Key Changes in Budget 2024-25

The government of Punjab has introduced significant amendments to the automobile registration process in the region’s latest budget for 2024-25. This marks the first major update in nearly seventy years, aimed at modernizing and streamlining the registration system for all vehicles, including motorbikes, scooters, and cars.

Standardized Fees for Motorbikes and Scooters

To simplify and standardize the registration process for smaller vehicles, the Punjab government has fixed the registration cost for motorbikes and scooties at Rs. 1,500. This flat fee aims to make the process more accessible and efficient for owners of these vehicles.

New Annual Transfer Fee

A notable new policy is the introduction of an annual 10% charge for vehicle registration transfers within the first decade of ownership. This applies to all vehicles, including motorbikes, scooters, and cars. The annual fee is intended to streamline the transfer process and ensure up-to-date registration records.

Revised Registration Fees for Cars

Cars Under 1,000cc

For cars with engines under 1,000cc, the registration fee has been set at Rs. 20,000. This fee is payable to the Excise Department and applies to all new registrations within this category.

Cars Up to 2,000cc

For vehicles with engines up to 2,000cc, the registration fee is now set at 0.02% of the vehicle’s purchase price. This proportional fee structure is designed to align registration costs more closely with market values, ensuring a fairer system based on the vehicle’s worth.

Cars Over 2,000cc

Owners of vehicles with engines over 2,000cc will be required to pay a registration charge equivalent to 0.03% of the vehicle’s purchase price. This higher fee reflects the higher value and maintenance costs associated with larger vehicles.

Implications of the New Policies

These changes are expected to have a significant impact on vehicle owners in Punjab. By standardizing fees for smaller vehicles and introducing proportional fees for larger cars, the government aims to create a more equitable and efficient registration system. The new annual transfer fee ensures that ownership records are kept current, which can help reduce fraud and enhance vehicle tracking.


The Punjab government’s overhaul of the automobile registration system is a much-needed update that brings the process into the modern era. With standardized fees, a new annual transfer charge, and proportional registration costs based on vehicle value, the new policies are designed to benefit both vehicle owners and the administration. For more detailed information on the new registration policies, visit the Punjab Excise Department’s official website.

By staying informed about these changes, vehicle owners can ensure they are compliant with the new regulations and avoid any potential penalties. This comprehensive update is set to streamline the registration process and make it more efficient for everyone involved.

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