You are currently viewing Govt Unveils Budget 2024-25 Schedule

Govt Unveils Budget 2024-25 Schedule

Govt Unveils Budget 2024-25 Schedule.

Pakistan Budget 2024-25: Unveiling a Deviating Schedule amid Election Uncertainty

With Pakistan’s 2024 elections looming just a day away, the caretaker government’s proposed budget schedule for the upcoming fiscal year (2024-25) has raised eyebrows due to its deviation from the usual timeline.

This unusual timing sparks questions and concerns among various stakeholders, particularly regarding transparency and adherence to proper procedures.

Key Points:

  • Caretaker government unveils proposed budget schedule for 2024-25, differing from usual timeline.
  • Deadline for finalizing budget documents set for May, submission targeted for June.
  • March 11 becomes crucial date for submitting detailed budget estimates and public expenditure accounts.
  • Revised development spending estimates and budget recommendations due by March 17.
  • Key meetings like National Economic Council planned for early May.
  • Federal cabinet needs to approve budget strategy paper by March 22.
  • Budget review committee to assess allocations and strategies from March 22 to April 5.

Decoding the Schedule:

The Finance Ministry’s proposed plan envisions finalizing budget documents by May and submitting them in the first week of June. To achieve this target, March 11th stands as a critical date for submitting comprehensive budget estimates.

This includes detailed records of public spending, bank accounts, investments, and revised development expenditure estimates.

Further down the line, recommendations on revised estimates are due by March 17th, followed by review committee meetings within the finance division starting March 22nd.

Key meetings like the annual planning coordination committee and the National Economic Council are then scheduled for the first week of May, potentially lasting a week for deliberations.

Procedural Hurdles and Uncertainties:

The schedule emphasizes the crucial step of federal cabinet approval for the budget strategy paper by March 22nd. Additionally, the budget review committee is expected to convene between March 22nd and April 5th to meticulously assess and refine proposed allocations and strategies.

However, concerns linger regarding the feasibility of adhering to this accelerated timeline, especially given the caretaker government’s limited powers and the upcoming electoral transition.

Questions remain about the level of stakeholder participation and transparency possible under these circumstances.

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