You are currently viewing Maryam Nawaz Launched Safety Wire Campaign in Lahore

Maryam Nawaz Launched Safety Wire Campaign in Lahore

Maryam Nawaz Launched Safety Wire Campaign in Lahore.

Punjab Steps Up Motorcycle Safety: Free Safety Wire Guards Distributed in Lahore

Following a recent tragic kite string fatality in Faisalabad, the Punjab government has taken a proactive step to enhance motorcycle safety.

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Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz launched the “Safety Wire Guard Installation Campaign” in Lahore, aiming to equip motorcyclists with vital protection against deadly kite strings.

This initiative falls under the “Safe Punjab” program, a broader effort to improve public safety across the province. The campaign officially kicked off at the Abshar Khidmat Markaz, where the Chief Minister took center stage.

Directing Change, Distributing Protection:

During the launch, Maryam Nawaz addressed the pressing need for increased motorcycle safety. She issued clear instructions to the traffic police, emphasizing the importance of ensuring widespread adoption of safety wire guards on motorbikes.

Leading by Example, Encouraging Responsibility:

The Chief Minister’s commitment to the campaign extended beyond words. She actively participated in distributing safety wire guards directly to motorcyclists. While handing out the guards, she urged riders to take responsibility for their safety by keeping the wires installed on their vehicles.

Knowledge is Power: Briefing the Chief Minister

CTO Ammara Athar, a key figure in traffic management, played a vital role in the launch. She provided the Chief Minister with a comprehensive briefing on the functionality and benefits of safety wire guards.

This campaign signifies a crucial step towards reducing motorcycle fatalities caused by kite strings, which are a major safety hazard during specific times of the year in Pakistan. By providing free safety wire guards and promoting their use, the Punjab government aims to empower motorcyclists and create a safer riding environment on the roads.

Looking Beyond the Launch: Sustainability and Public Awareness

The success of this initiative hinges on its long-term sustainability. Future efforts should focus on ensuring the continued availability of safety wire guards, alongside public awareness campaigns highlighting their importance. By educating the public about the dangers of kite strings and the life-saving potential of safety wire guards, the government can effectively encourage widespread adoption and maximize the campaign’s impact.

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