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Apply for Arms Licenses Online in Punjab

Apply for Arms Licenses Online in Punjab .

Punjab Goes Digital: Effortless Arms Licenses with New Online System

Say goodbye to paperwork! Punjab takes a leap forward with the launch of the “Punjab Arms License Management System” (PALMS), a user-friendly online platform for all your arms license needs.

Here’s what it offers:

  • Apply, renew, amend: Ditch the hassle! Submit new applications, renew licenses, or make changes online. No more paper trails or endless visits.
  • Transfer with ease: Need to transfer a license to an heir? Do it all seamlessly through PALMS, saving time and ensuring a smooth process.
  • Doorstep delivery: Get your license delivered right to your doorstep, adding convenience and reducing wait times.
  • Fighting corruption: Eliminate the worry of unfair practices. PALMS brings transparency and accountability to the licensing process.

A New Era for Punjab: Digital Arms Licensing Takes Center Stage

Punjab’s commitment to public service shines with the launch of the “Punjab Arms License Management System” (PALMS). The prestigious signing ceremony, attended by top officials like the Home Secretary and DG NADRA, underscores their collective drive for a seamless and secure arms licensing system.

More than just a platform, PALMS represents a precedent for progress. It embodies Punjab’s dedication to:

  • Accountability: Transparency and fairness take center stage with paperless processes and automatic license issuance.
  • Citizen well-being: Convenience and security are prioritized through online applications, renewals, and transfers.
  • Digital advancement: Embracing technology sets Punjab on the path to a more modern and efficient future.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi applauds the Home Department and NADRA for this innovation. He emphasizes the importance of automatic license issuance in creating a modern and corruption-free system.

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