You are currently viewing Air Space Normalize as Pakistan & Iran De-escalate Conflict

Air Space Normalize as Pakistan & Iran De-escalate Conflict

Air Space Normalize as Pakistan & Iran De-escalate Conflict.

Skies Clear After Pakistan & Iran Patch Things Up: Normalcy Returns to Air Traffic

Tensions cooled and air traffic soared in the region after Pakistan and Iran opted for de-escalation following a brief spat.

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Here’s a summary of the situation:

Flights Back on Track:

  • Number of flights entering Pakistan’s airspace surged past 700 per day, surpassing pre-conflict levels.
  • Air traffic from the West returned to normal, a stark contrast to the 50% dip witnessed after the initial missile strikes.

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Diplomacy Wins:

  • Both countries agreed to repair the fractured ties, with Pakistan welcoming “positive measures” from Iran.
  • Pakistan’s ambassador was reinstated in Tehran, signaling a return to normalcy in diplomatic relations.

Key Decisions:

  • Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, stated it was in both countries’ best interest to restore the pre-conflict relationship.
  • He reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to peace and friendly relations with all nations, especially its neighbors.


  • Pakistan’s airspace faced a significant drop in flights after Iran’s missile strikes and subsequent Pakistani retaliation.
  • As a precautionary measure, Pakistan advised its airlines to avoid Iranian airspace during the heightened tensions.

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Moving Forward:

  • This de-escalation paves the way for improved relations and renewed cooperation between Pakistan and Iran.
  • The return to normalcy in air traffic signifies a positive step towards stability and regional harmony.

Prime Minister Kakar emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to peaceful coexistence and friendly relations, prioritizing cooperation with its neighbors. He underscored Pakistan’s respect for international law and its desire for stability in the region.

Notably, during the period of heightened tension, Pakistan opted for a cautious approach by advising its airlines to avoid Iranian airspace, prioritizing de-escalation and dialogue\

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