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Age Limit Increased for Government Jobs

Age Limit Increased for Government Jobs! Find Out How You Can Benefit Today.

Balochistan’s Youth Rejoice! Upper Age Limit for Government Jobs Raised Until June 2024!

Exciting news for aspiring public servants in Balochistan! The provincial government has recently announced a temporary increase in the upper age limit for government job applications to 43 years.

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This decision, effective until June 23, 2024, aims to:

  • Empower Balochistani youth: By extending the eligibility window, more young people gain a fair chance to compete for government positions.
  • Provide additional opportunities for experienced professionals: Government employees seeking new roles or career changes within the public sector can now apply for a wider range of jobs.

Going Global: Pakistani Job Seekers Get a Boost!

In a complementary move, the federal government is expanding access to international job opportunities for Pakistanis.

Six new Protectorate of Immigrant offices will be established across the country, offering streamlined services for those seeking employment abroad.

These offices will:

  • Simplify the process: By providing guidance and assistance with necessary paperwork, the offices make overseas job hunting less daunting.
  • Reach a wider audience: Establishing offices in more cities ensures greater accessibility for potential applicants across Pakistan.
  • Promote talent abroad: Pakistani professionals gain a platform to showcase their skills and contribute to international workplaces.

Key highlights of the new initiatives:

  • Balochistan government’s temporary age limit increase for government jobs applies until June 23, 2024.
  • Six new Protectorate of Immigrant offices will be established in Pakistan, with domicile and identity card requirements waived.
  • These moves aim to empower youth, provide opportunities for experienced professionals, and facilitate international job seeking for Pakistanis.

Stay tuned for updates on the specific locations of the new Protectorate of Immigrant offices and any further details about the Balochistan government’s job application process.

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