You are currently viewing 33 Pakistani Universities in Young University Rankings 2024

33 Pakistani Universities in Young University Rankings 2024

33 Pakistani Universities in Young University Rankings 2024.

Pakistani Universities Make Strides in THE Young University Rankings 2024

Pakistan’s higher education sector is showcasing promising progress with 76 universities featured in the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) World’s Young University Rankings 2024.

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While 33 institutions secured coveted ranked positions, the remaining 43 received “reporter” status, acknowledging their data contribution.

A Cause for Celebration:

This year’s ranking reflects a significant increase in Pakistani university participation compared to previous years.

This growth highlights the ongoing efforts towards developing and strengthening the country’s educational landscape.

33 Pakistani Universities Listed in Times Higher Education World Young University Rankings 2024
33 Pakistani Universities in Young University Rankings 2024

Breaking Down the Rankings:

The 2024 edition of the Young University Rankings features a total of 673 universities worldwide, up from 605 in 2023.

While 33 Pakistani universities secured ranked positions, another 499 institutions globally received “reporter” status, indicating they provided data but didn’t meet the full ranking criteria.

Global Stage Highlights:

  • Nanyang Technological University in Singapore retains its top position for the second consecutive year.
  • Hong Kong boasts a continued strong presence within the top 10, showcasing consistent excellence in young universities.
  • France demonstrates positive movement, with its top performer, Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris, climbing to second place (previously third).

Regional Trends:

  • Turkey leads the pack in terms of ranked universities within a single nation (58).
  • India follows closely with 55 ranked institutions.
  • Iran comes in third with 46 ranked universities.

An Expanding Landscape:

The 2024 rankings also showcase an increase in geographical diversity, featuring universities from a total of 79 territories, one more than 2023.

This year welcomes newcomers Ghana and Peru to the global stage.

While Pakistan’s absence from the top 100 highlights areas for improvement, the increasing number of participating universities signifies a positive trajectory for the country’s higher education sector.

Continued investment and development efforts hold the potential to propel Pakistani universities to even greater heights in future rankings.

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