Karachi’s NED University Offers Full Scholarships

Karachi’s NED University Offers Full Scholarships

Karachi’s NED University Offers Full Scholarships to all students. Details here!

NED University Unveils Groundbreaking “Undergraduate Fellowship Program”: Full & Partial Scholarships for ALL Students!

Great news for aspiring engineers!

NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) has launched the revolutionary Undergraduate Fellowship Program, offering financial support to ALL undergraduate students, including the recent 2,900 new admissions.

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This initiative, backed by a significant allocation of Rs 23.3 million, aims to remove financial barriers and ensure no student has to abandon their engineering dreams due to economic limitations.

Named after iconic Pakistani figures Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar and Ms. Fatima Jinnah, the program signifies NEDUET’s commitment to inclusivity and opportunity.

Karachi's NED University Offers Full Scholarships

A Multi-Tiered Approach to Empowering Students:

The program offers a tiered structure to reward academic excellence. Top performers can enjoy a full ride, receiving 100% waivers on tuition and examination fees. Awards will be based on merit, with a focus on delegatingstudents from diverse backgrounds:

  • 1,500 students from the Karachi Board.
  • 300 A-Level students seeking a world-class engineering education.
  • Other deserving students based on meritocratic evaluation.

Existing Students Benefit Too!

The program extends its reach beyond new admissions. Existing students can also leverage this initiative. Top performers in each program become eligible for fellowships after their first semester. Additionally, students with a CGPA above 2.0 will receive a 22% tuition fee discount, and those with a CGPA exceeding the minimum requirement will benefit from a 15% discount.

Setting a New Standard: A Beacon of Hope for Aspiring Engineers

According to Dr. Sarosh Lodhi, NEDUET’s Vice-Chancellor, this program establishes a new benchmark in higher education. It positions NEDUET as a beacon of hope for students seeking financial aid to pursue their engineering goals.

Transparency and Streamlined Access:

For added convenience, the fellowship list will be revealed alongside the merit list at the time of admission.

The initiative further strengthens NEDUET’s existing Rs 20 crore scholarship program, solidifying the university’s unwavering commitment to making quality engineering education accessible to all deserving students.

This innovative program by NEDUET is a significant development for aspiring engineers in Pakistan. With its focus on inclusivity, financial aid, and academic merit, the Undergraduate Fellowship Program empowers students from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

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