You are currently viewing UAE Work Visa for Pakistanis: Latest Updates for 2024

UAE Work Visa for Pakistanis: Latest Updates for 2024

UAE Work Visa for Pakistanis: Latest Updates for 2024

UAE Streamlines Visa Application Process with Innovative ‘Work Bundle’ Platform

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is revolutionizing its visa application process, making it more accessible and efficient for visitors and expatriates.

In a significant step forward, the UAE has reduced the time required to cancel a work permit, simplifying the process for both employers and employees.

Key Highlights of the New Visa Process

Work Permit Cancellation: In an effort to streamline administrative tasks, the UAE has introduced a new platform called ‘Work Bundle,’ which can cancel a worker’s work permit in under a minute. This is a drastic improvement from the previous three-minute processing time and eliminates the need for any paperwork.

Launch and Expansion: The first phase of the Work Bundle was successfully launched in Dubai in March. Due to its success, it is now being rolled out to other regions across the UAE. The second phase aims to encompass approximately 6 million companies and over 70 million workers, significantly broadening its impact.

Benefits for Business Owners and Companies

Simplified Hiring Process: The Work Bundle platform is designed to assist business owners and private companies in hiring new employees and renewing work permits for existing staff with ease. This innovative platform offers a range of services, including:

  • Issuing new work permits
  • Adjusting employment status
  • Issuing visas and employment contracts
  • Emirates IDs
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Medical examination services

These comprehensive services ensure that both employers and employees can navigate the bureaucratic processes efficiently, allowing for a smoother transition into the UAE workforce.

Attracting International Talent

Appeal to Pakistani Workers: The UAE’s new residency procedures are particularly appealing to Pakistani workers and individuals from various countries seeking employment opportunities in the Gulf region. The streamlined visa process, combined with the comprehensive services offered by the Work Bundle platform, makes the UAE an attractive destination for skilled labor and professionals looking to settle and thrive.

Boost to UAE’s Labor Market: With these new measures, the UAE aims to enhance its labor market by making it more attractive to international talent. The reduced processing times and simplified procedures are expected to draw a significant number of skilled workers, contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.


The UAE’s innovative approach to simplifying the visa application process through the Work Bundle platform marks a major milestone in its efforts to attract global talent. By reducing the time required to cancel work permits and offering a comprehensive suite of services, the UAE is positioning itself as a top destination for expatriates. This new initiative not only benefits business owners and companies but also makes it easier for workers from around the world to settle and succeed in the UAE.

For more information on the UAE’s new visa application process and the Work Bundle platform, visit the official UAE government website.

By adopting these cutting-edge procedures, the UAE continues to lead the way in creating a more efficient, welcoming, and accessible environment for international workers.

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