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Punjab New Driving License Fees

Punjab New Driving License Fees: Implements Annual Payment System.

In a significant update, the Punjab government has implemented a revised fee system for driving licenses, effective January 1, 2024.

This initiative, aimed at boosting road safety and fostering compliance, involves transitioning from a five-year to an annual fee collection model.

The decision follows a tragic car accident caused by an underage, unlicensed driver, resulting in six fatalities.

To tackle the issue of unlicensed driving, the Lahore City Traffic Police has initiated stringent actions against offenders throughout Punjab.

As per the new fee structure, applicants are now required to pay annual fees for different driving license categories.

This transition aims to streamline the licensing procedure and has led to a noticeable increase in application submissions in recent months.

The updated annual fees for different driving license categories are as follows:

  • Learner: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 500
  • Bike: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 500
  • Car/Jeep: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 1800
  • Motorcycle Rickshaw: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 500
  • Light Transport (LTV): Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 2000
  • Heavy Transport (HTV): Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 2000
  • Tractor: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 1000
  • Commercial Tractor: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 1500
  • Public Service Vehicle: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 1500
  • Disable Persons: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 0
  • Other Categories: Revised Annual Fee (PKR) – 1000

These adjustments are part of a broader initiative to tackle road safety concerns and ensure compliance with licensing regulations in Punjab.

The increased annual fees are intended to discourage unlicensed driving and promote a safer and more regulated traffic environment across the region.

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