You are currently viewing Petrol Price Now Set at Rs272.89 from Rs259.34

Petrol Price Now Set at Rs272.89 from Rs259.34

Petrol Price Now Set at Rs272.89 from Rs259.34 in a latest petrol price hike by the government.

Brace for Higher Bills: Pakistani Petrol Prices Soar, Diesel Follows Suit!

Pakistanis buckle up, your February fuel bills are about to pack a punch!

The interim government on Wednesday announced a staggering Rs13.55 per liter increase in petrol prices, bringing the new cost to Rs272.89 per liter.

Diesel prices also climbed, rising by Rs2.75 per liter to Rs276.21 per liter.

What’s behind the hike?

  • Global oil price fluctuations: International oil prices surged in the past week, with petrol jumping from $83 to $89 per barrel and diesel leaping from $93 to $97 per barrel.
  • Middle East unrest: Geopolitical tension in the region fuels uncertainty and potential supply chain disruptions, further impacting prices.

A bitter pill to swallow:

This latest hike comes on the heels of a Rs8 per liter decrease implemented by the outgoing government in the previous price review. The sudden reversal stings even more at a time of significant economic hardship for many Pakistanis.

What can you do?

  • Stay informed: Track further developments and advocate for transparency in fuel pricing mechanisms.
  • Explore fuel-efficient options: Consider carpooling, public transportation, or opting for bicycles or motorbikes if feasible.
  • Adjust your budget: Be prepared to tighten your belts and prioritize essential expenses in light of the increased fuel costs.

Remember, you’re not alone! This price hike impacts millions of Pakistanis. By sharing information, seeking alternatives, and adapting your spending habits, we can navigate this challenging situation together.

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