You are currently viewing Pakistan Expected to Drop Oil Price by Rs12 per litre

Pakistan Expected to Drop Oil Price by Rs12 per litre

Pakistan Expected to Drop Oil Price by Rs12 per litre.

Gas Pump Joy! Pakistan to Slash Petrol & Diesel Prices by Up to Rs12

Buckle up, Pakistan! Your wallets are in for a treat.

The federal government is poised to slash petrol and diesel prices by a whopping Rs12 per litre for the next two weeks of December.

This move might come in response to falling international oil prices, bringing much-needed relief to motorists and businesses alike.

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Get ready to see petrol prices drop by Rs11 and diesel (HSD) prices plummet by Rs12.

The official announcement is expected tonight, and the new prices will take effect from December 16th.

This decision might mark a continuation of the government’s efforts to ease the burden of high fuel costs.

In the first half of December, petrol prices remained stable, but HSD prices already saw an Rs7 reduction earlier this month.

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Here’s the breakdown:

  • Petrol: Current price: Rs281.34 per litre. Expected decrease: Rs11. New price (estimated): Rs270.34 per litre.
  • Diesel (HSD): Current price: Rs289.71 per litre. Expected decrease: Rs12. New price (estimated): Rs277.71 per litre.

So, rejoice Pakistan! This price cut could be a welcome gift just in time for the holiday season. Fill up your tanks, hit the road, and enjoy the savings!

December 16th Update on Petrol Price Reduction:

Fuel Fortunes Flip! Pakistan’s Pump Prices Plummet in Mega-Drop!

Get ready to cheer, Pakistan! Friday brought not just another day, but a fuel price fiesta the country won’t soon forget. The caretaker government unleashed a double-digit fuel price slash, sending your wallets into joyful celebrations.

Hold onto your hats, because petrol just took a whopping Rs14/litre nosedive, landing at a cool Rs267.34. High-speed diesel isn’t left out, joining the party with a Rs13.50/litre plunge, settling comfortably at Rs276.21. That’s not just a drop, it’s a 5% fuel cost bonanza!

But what magic powers this pump party? The global oil price plunge and a boosted Pakistani exchange rate are the dynamic duo behind this welcome surprise. So, thank the international market and your resilient currency for those lighter pump receipts!

And the party doesn’t end with petrol and diesel! Kerosene oil (SKO) and light diesel oil (LDO) get their groove on too, with Rs10.14 and Rs11.29/litre dips respectively, setting their new prices at Rs191.02 and Rs164.64.

This isn’t just a midnight snack for your cars; it’s a massive relief package for Pakistani households. The government’s decision to pass on the international price benefit shows they’re listening to your wallet woes and committed to your economic well-being.

So, fill up your tanks, Pakistan! This historic fuel price drop is more than just a number; it’s a beacon of hope in these challenging times. Let the pumps sing with the sweet music of savings, and celebrate this victory for your wallets and your spirit!

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