You are currently viewing NY Ramadan 2024: New York Sehri and Iftar Timing

NY Ramadan 2024: New York Sehri and Iftar Timing

NY Ramadan 2024: New York Sehri and Iftar Timing.

New York City Embraces Ramadan 2024: A Month of Spiritual Growth and Community

Muslims in New York City join the global Islamic community in observing the holy month of Ramadan, commencing on March 11th (specific regions) or March 12th (others).

New York Sehri and Iftar Timing

DaySehri (Fiqa Hanafi)Iftar (Fiqa Hanafi)Sehri (Fiqa Jafria)Iftar (Fiqa Jafria)Date
105:57 AM07:00 PM05:47 AM06:58 PM11 Mar 2024
205:56 AM07:01 PM05:46 AM06:59 PM12 Mar 2024
305:54 AM07:02 PM05:45 AM07:00 PM13 Mar 2024
405:52 AM07:03 PM05:43 AM07:02 PM14 Mar 2024
505:51 AM07:04 PM05:42 AM07:03 PM15 Mar 2024
605:49 AM07:05 PM05:40 AM07:04 PM16 Mar 2024
705:47 AM07:06 PM05:39 AM07:05 PM17 Mar 2024
805:45 AM07:07 PM05:37 AM07:06 PM18 Mar 2024
905:44 AM07:09 PM05:36 AM07:07 PM19 Mar 2024
1005:42 AM07:10 PM05:34 AM07:09 PM20 Mar 2024
1105:40 AM07:11 PM05:33 AM07:10 PM21 Mar 2024
1205:38 AM07:12 PM05:31 AM07:11 PM22 Mar 2024
1305:37 AM07:13 PM05:30 AM07:12 PM23 Mar 2024
1405:35 AM07:14 PM05:28 AM07:13 PM24 Mar 2024
1505:33 AM07:15 PM05:27 AM07:14 PM25 Mar 2024
1605:31 AM07:16 PM05:25 AM07:16 PM26 Mar 2024
1705:29 AM07:17 PM05:24 AM07:17 PM27 Mar 2024
1805:28 AM07:18 PM05:22 AM07:18 PM28 Mar 2024
1905:26 AM07:19 PM05:21 AM07:19 PM29 Mar 2024
2005:24 AM07:20 PM05:19 AM07:20 PM30 Mar 2024
2105:22 AM07:21 PM05:18 AM07:21 PM31 Mar 2024
2205:20 AM07:22 PM05:16 AM07:22 PM01 Apr 2024
2305:19 AM07:23 PM05:15 AM07:23 PM02 Apr 2024
2405:17 AM07:24 PM05:13 AM07:24 PM03 Apr 2024
2505:15 AM07:25 PM05:12 AM07:25 PM04 Apr 2024
2605:13 AM07:26 PM05:10 AM07:26 PM05 Apr 2024
2705:11 AM07:28 PM05:09 AM07:28 PM06 Apr 2024
2805:10 AM07:29 PM05:07 AM07:29 PM07 Apr 2024
2905:08 AM07:30 PM05:06 AM07:30 PM08 Apr 2024
3005:06 AM07:31 PM05:04 AM07:31 PM09 Apr 2024

This period signifies a time of fasting, prayer, and reflection.

Accurate Daily Timings: Precise Sehri (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (evening meal) timings are crucial for observing the fasts each day.

Local mosques or trusted online resources provide the most up-to-date information to ensure proper adherence to Islamic principles.

Beyond Abstinence: While abstaining from food and drink is a core practice, Ramadan also emphasizes charity, self-reflection, and strengthening community bonds.

New York’s vibrant Muslim community actively engages in these aspects throughout the holy month.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ramadan commenced on March 11th or 12th in New York City, depending on the region.
  • Accurate daily Sehri and Iftar timings are essential for observing the fasts.
  • Charity, self-reflection, and fostering community spirit are key aspects of Ramadan.

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