You are currently viewing Large Scale Manufacturing Grows 15.69% in Pakistan

Large Scale Manufacturing Grows 15.69% in Pakistan

Large Scale Manufacturing Grows 15.69% in Pakistan with a positive outlook.

Pakistan’s Factories on Fire! Manufacturing Soars 15.69% in December

Good news for Pakistan’s economy! Large-scale manufacturing saw a whopping 15.69% jump in production month-on-month in December 2023, according to the latest report from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • MoM growth: 15.69% in December compared to November.
  • YoY growth: 3.43% in December compared to 2022.
  • First 6 months of FY23-24: Slight decline of 0.39% compared to the same period last year.

While the overall trend is positive, some sectors saw declines:

  • Food (-0.76%)
  • Tobacco (-0.73%)
  • Textiles (-2.05%)
  • Garments (-2.26%)
  • Others: paper & board, petroleum products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, iron & steel, electrical equipment, automobiles, furniture

Pakistan’s Industrial Landscape: Winners and Losers in First Half of FY23-24

While December 2023 brought a welcome 15.69% MoM surge in Pakistani manufacturing, a deeper dive reveals some interesting sector-specific trends:

Flourishing Industries:

  • Food & Beverages: Nourishing a positive trend.
  • Wearing Apparel: Stitching success with production growth.
  • Coke & Petroleum Products: Fueling the economy.
  • Chemicals & Fertilisers: Key ingredients for growth.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Healing with increased production.
  • Non-Metallic Mineral Products: Building a strong foundation.
  • Machinery & Equipment: Gearing up for the future.
  • Other Manufacturing (Football): Kicking it into high gear.

Sectors Facing Headwinds:

  • Tobacco: Smoking out a decline.
  • Textiles: Threads unraveling with production dip.
  • Iron & Steel Products: Forging a different path, but downwards.
  • Electrical Equipment: Powering off temporarily.
  • Automobiles: Hitting the brakes on production.
  • Other Transport Equipment: Deviations from growth trajectory.
  • Furniture: Needs a bit of polish to rebound.

The Big Picture:

  • This detailed data, compiled from official sources, offers valuable insights into Pakistan’s industrial landscape.
  • The overall growth in LSMI paints a positive picture, bolstering national economic resilience.
  • However, understanding the individual sector performances allows for deeper analysis and targeted support measures.


  • This information only scratches the surface. Further investigation can reveal the nuances behind each sector’s performance.
  • Despite some challenges, the overall manufacturing growth is a positive indication for Pakistan’s economic future.

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