You are currently viewing Lahore Face Unannounced Gas & Electricity Load shedding

Lahore Face Unannounced Gas & Electricity Load shedding

Lahore Face Unannounced Gas & Electricity Load shedding

Pakistan Plunged into Darkness and Cold: Hours-Long Power Cuts and Gas Shortages Bite Hard

Parts of Pakistan, including Lahore, are reeling under the grip of a crippling energy crisis.

Hours-long electricity load shedding, reaching 8-10 hours in Lahore, leaves households in perpetual darkness. In some areas, residents face the indignity of one-hour bursts of electricity after grueling two-hour outages.

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The situation is equally dire on the gas front. Severe gas shortages, especially during peak winter, make even basic tasks like cooking a family meal a daunting challenge.

Even when gas is available, abysmally low pressure renders it barely usable.

Officials confirm the gravity of the situation, with Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) reporting a staggering electricity shortfall exceeding 1,000 megawatts.

This energy crisis disrupts life across Pakistan:

  • Families struggle to meet basic needs.
  • Daily routines are thrown into disarray.
  • Businesses suffer.
  • Safety concerns rise in darkened streets.

The immediate call to action:

  • Demand transparency and accountability from authorities.
  • Urge swift action to address the energy shortfall.
  • Share your experiences and amplify the issue on social media.

Together, we can raise awareness and push for solutions to bring light and warmth back to Pakistani homes.

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