You are currently viewing Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan – Pakistan’s Next Chief Justice Resigns

Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan – Pakistan’s Next Chief Justice Resigns

Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan – Pakistan’s Next Chief Justice Resigns after Justice Mazahir Naqvi`s resignation.

Pakistan’s Judiciary Reels Again: Renowned Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan Follows Naqvi in Quitting Supreme Court

In a stunning move, another top judge has shaken Pakistan’s legal landscape. Just a day after Justice Mazahir Naqvi’s controversial resignation, Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan, long seen as next in line for the Chief Justice position, has unexpectedly followed suit.

His resignation, submitted to President Dr. Arif Alvi and reportedly accepted, leaves a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the future of the apex court. Why did the judge, tipped to lead the judiciary, abruptly step down?

Questions Arise:

Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan’s exit, following Justice Naqvi’s tumultuous departure, raises a flurry of questions:

  • Underlying Reasons: What factors prompted this high-profile resignation? Was it connected to Naqvi’s departure or driven by broader concerns within the judicial system?
  • Impact on Judiciary: With two key positions vacant, what does this mean for the stability and functioning of the Supreme Court?
  • Future Leadership: Who will be chosen to fill these crucial roles? Will the next Chief Justice face similar challenges?

A Pivotal Moment:

With two consecutive resignations from senior judges, Pakistan’s judicial system finds itself at a critical juncture. Transparency and clear explanations are necessary to address public concerns and ensure the future integrity and stability of the court.

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