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Islamabad Revise Road Speed Limits in City

Islamabad Revise Road Speed Limits in City.

Islamabad Revs Up: New Speed Limits Aim for Flow and Safety

Islamabad’s roads are shifting gears! The Chief Commissioner has announced revised speed limits for cars, trucks, and public transport across the city.

This move, coming after adjustments in the previous year, aims to create a smoother traffic flow while prioritizing safety on Islamabad’s streets.

The new limits differ based on vehicle type and location, reflecting a strategic approach to traffic management. Light vehicles (LTVs) like cars and motorcycles will get to cruise a bit faster on major roads like the Kashmir/Srinagar Highway and Islamabad Highway, with a limit of 80 kilometers per hour (km/h).

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But heavier vehicles like trucks and buses (HTV/PSVs) will need to stick to 65 km/h on the same stretches.

Safety takes center stage with reduced speed limits in key areas. Traffic will slow down to 30 km/h in built-up areas like Barakahu and around sensitive zones like schools and hospitals.

This tiered approach prioritizes both travel efficiency and accident prevention.

Road/HighwaysLTV Speed Limit (KM/H)HTV/PSV Speed Limit (KM/H)Built-up area
Kashmir Highway8065
Islamabad Highway8065
Murree Road8065Barakahu 30
Constitution Avenue7065
Jinnah Avenue7065
Faisal Avenue7065
Park Road7065
New 7 Avenue7065
New 9 Avenue7065
Lehtrar Road4040
Kahuta Road6060Sihala Bazar-30
I.J. Principal Road60 (Faizabad to Nasirabad)60
Major Roads5050
Dualized Service Road6040
Single Service Road4040
Street and Sectoral Roads3025
Roads/Streets near Schools/Hospital3025

Key Changes to Remember:

  • Major highways: LTVs – 80 km/h, HTV/PSVs – 65 km/h
  • Constitution Avenue & major roads: LTVs – 70 km/h, HTV/PSVs – 65 km/h
  • Built-up areas & service roads: LTVs – 50 km/h, HTV/PSVs – 40 km/h
  • School & hospital zones: LTVs & HTV/PSVs – 30 km/h

A Streamlined Flow, a Safer City:

These adjustments aim to strike a balance between efficient traffic flow and keeping everyone safe on the roads. By adapting to the new limits, Islamabad residents can contribute to a smoother commute and a safer environment for all. Remember, knowledge is power – familiarize yourself with the new speed limits and keep Islamabad moving with care!

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