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Dollar to PKR – Today USD to Pakistani Rupee

Dollar to PKR – Today USD to Pakistani Rupee.

Rupee holds steady against the dollar! The greenback dips slightly by PKR 0.26 (0.092%) in the interbank market, ending the day at PKR 282.53. Remember, open market rates may differ! Pakistan has been facing frequent ups and downs in currency due to liquid economic conditions.

Open Market Rate

25 Dec 23PKR 282.50PKR 285.10


  • Rupee rebounds! After several weeks of decline, the Pakistani rupee gained ground against the US dollar this week, rising by PKR 0.73 (0.258%). The greenback touched a high of PKR 283.26 before settling at PKR 282.53.


  • Rupee roller coaster! Over the past month, the Pakistani rupee experienced a range of PKR 285.64 to PKR 282.53 against the US dollar. It touched a high of PKR 285.64 before hitting a low of PKR 282.53. Notably, the buying rate stayed at PKR 282.03, while the selling rate reached PKR 282.53.

USD to PKR Interbank Rates History

24 Dec, 23282.03282.53
23 Dec, 23282.03282.53
22 Dec, 23282.29282.79
21 Dec, 23282.40282.90
20 Dec, 23282.51283.01
19 Dec, 23282.71283.21
18 Dec, 23282.76283.26
17 Dec, 23282.76283.26
16 Dec, 23282.76283.26
15 Dec, 23283.01283.51
14 Dec, 23283.11283.61

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