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Blue World City Joint Venture Projects

Rawalpindi/Islamabad: Blue World City Joint Venture Projects are expected to collaborate, expand, and speed up their development pace. With the help of these joint ventures, Blue World City (BWC) and other housing societies will create ease for their residents and investors. Currently, the developers of BWC are in talks with DHA, Capital Smart City, Bahria Town, and some other real estate developers. All this is being carried out allegedly under Vision 2030 of Blue World City.

Blue World City Vision 2030

This strategic alliance represents a substantial milestone in the real estate sector, with the potential to give rise to a top-tier residential or commercial development.

The partnership between Blue World City Islamabad and Defense Housing Authorities (DHA) signifies a remarkable collaboration between two leading real estate entities.

This joint venture is designed to leverage the collective expertise and resources of both organizations for a new project. Blue World City, renowned for its innovative real estate ventures, is joining forces with DHA, a long-standing and esteemed housing authority.

Some of the agreements for joint ventures have been accomplished, and others are in the pipeline:

  • Blue World City and DHA have signed on a joint venture on 6th July 2023; BWC will provide land to DHA for this venture.
  • The road to General Block 2 has been marked by the developers of Blue World City. People will be able to reach the M-2 Motorway by crossing Bahria Town Phase 8 and then access the BWC General Block 2 after the road is finished. Investors can also reach the CPEC route by entering General Block Phase 2.
  • A joint venture between Blue Group of Companies and Bahria Town is highly expected. Reportedly, Mr. Saad Nazir offered a vast area of land to Mr. Malik Riaz, owner of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd for the joint venture.
  • The developers of Blue World City and Capital Smart City have signed an agreement over interchange accessibility. The CSC developers have given their consent to access BWC through its exclusive interchange.
  • The residents of BWC General Block II can reach BWC General Block II from the M-2 Motorway because of the joint ventures between Blue World City and Capital Smart City.
  • Mr. Saad Nazir offered several real estate developers to come forward and build their projects to improve the economic condition of Pakistan. For the development of projects, Mr. Saad Nazir also offered a vast land so that the developers could invest and build their projects easily to save Pakistan from current financial problems and default.

Blue World City, Joint Venture Projects, are going to change the landscape of the real estate of twin cities in the coming times.

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