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Cabinet Division Issues Warning for iPhone Users

Cabinet Division Issues Warning for iPhone Users. In a recent development, the Cabinet Division has issued a Cyber Security Advisory, warning Apple iPhone users about targeted attacks involving the infamous Pegasus spyware, believed to be created by the NSO Group.

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The advisory sheds light on a highly sophisticated exploitation technique known as the “Blast Pass Exploit.” This method exploits vulnerabilities within the iMessage feature, identified as CVE-2023-41061 and CVE-2023-41064, enabling the deployment of zero-day and zero-click malware.

This cyber threat, named Blast Pass, possesses the capability to infect even the latest iOS versions, including the current 16.6, without requiring any user interaction.

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Apple has responded swiftly to this crisis by issuing a remedial advisory for iPhone users. They have also initiated alerts to notify users if they are at risk of being targeted by the Pegasus spyware or potential state-sponsored attackers.

Apple’s recommended actions to counter this threat include:

a. Promptly updating to the latest iOS version (16.6.1 or above), which incorporates vital security updates to defend against ongoing attacks.

b. Optionally enabling lockdown mode, an advanced security feature designed to block Blast Pass attacks.

c. Temporarily disabling the iMessage feature on iPhones.

In addition to these specific safety measures, Apple users are urged to follow these general security guidelines to protect their devices from a wide array of cyber threats:

a. Secure devices with robust passcodes and enable two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

b. Exclusively download apps from the official Apple Store to mitigate the risk of malware and infections.

c. Utilize anonymity-based solutions while browsing the internet and consider enhancing the protection of key individuals’ identities.

d. Always deactivate location services on Apple devices to reduce privacy risks.

e. Subscribe to Apple’s security bulletins and threat notifications, and activate auto OS update features.

f. Exercise caution when using phones in sensitive locations or during important meetings to prevent unauthorized data access.

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Cabinet Division Issues Warning for iPhone Users is a clear sign of staying vigilant.

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