You are currently viewing Bank Alfalah Announces Increased Annual Fee July 2024

Bank Alfalah Announces Increased Annual Fee July 2024

Bank Alfalah Announces Increased Annual Fee July 2024

Bank Alfalah Announces Increased Annual Fee July 2024.

Bank Alfalah’s Revised Schedule of Charges for July to December 2024

Bank Alfalah has updated its schedule of charges for the period of July to December 2024, effective from January 1, 2024.

A notable change in this revision is the increase in annual fees for various debit card types.

These adjustments impact the VISA Signature, VISA Platinum, VISA Gold, Pehchaan, and PayPak Classic debit cards.

Key Changes in Annual Fees

Bank Alfalah has revised the annual fees for its debit cards as follows:

  • Classic Debit Card: The annual fee has been raised from Rs. 2,750 to Rs. 2,900.
  • Gold Debit Card: The fee has increased from Rs. 3,250 to Rs. 3,800.
  • UnionPay Co-badged Classic Debit Card: Now priced at Rs. 2,300 annually.
  • UnionPay Co-badged Gold Debit Card: Set at Rs. 2,500 per year.
  • Pehchaan Debit Card: The annual fee has gone up from Rs. 3,250 to Rs. 3,800.
  • Platinum Debit Card: The fee has been elevated from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7,000.
  • Signature Debit Card: The most significant increase, from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 18,000.
  • PayPak Classic Debit Card: The annual fee has been adjusted from Rs. 2,300 to Rs. 2,400.

Detailed Revised Schedule

Here’s a detailed comparison of the old and new annual fees:

Debit Card TypeOld Annual FeeNew Annual Fee
Classic Debit CardRs. 2,750Rs. 2,900
Gold Debit CardRs. 3,250Rs. 3,800
UnionPay Co-badged Classic Debit CardN/ARs. 2,300
UnionPay Co-badged Gold Debit CardN/ARs. 2,500
Pehchaan Debit CardRs. 3,250Rs. 3,800
Platinum Debit CardRs. 6,000Rs. 7,000
Signature Debit CardRs. 16,000Rs. 18,000
PayPak Debit CardRs. 2,300Rs. 2,400

Special Note for Roshan Digital Account Holders

For Roshan Digital Account holders, the issuance of the Gold Card remains free. However, an annual fee of Rs. 3,800 will apply.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Access

Bank Alfalah’s range of debit cards provides convenient access to customer accounts without the burden of interest charges. The updated fees reflect the bank’s commitment to offering robust and accessible financial services.

How to Manage the Changes

Customers should familiarize themselves with these changes to manage their finances effectively. Bank Alfalah’s revised fees ensure customers continue to enjoy the benefits of their debit cards while maintaining financial health.

Why the Fee Increase?

The increase in annual fees is part of Bank Alfalah’s strategy to enhance its services and maintain quality. These changes will support the bank’s efforts to provide secure and efficient banking solutions.


Bank Alfalah’s revised schedule of charges for July to December 2024 brings important updates to debit card fees. Understanding these changes will help customers manage their finances better and make the most of their banking experience. For more detailed information, visit the Bank Alfalah official website.

Stay informed and plan your finances accordingly to continue enjoying the benefits of Bank Alfalah’s debit cards. The revised fees ensure that the bank can maintain its commitment to providing top-tier financial services.

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