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Balochistan Assembly Members Sworn Oath

Balochistan Assembly Members Sworn Oath.

Balochistan Assembly Ushers in New Era with Inaugural Session and Oath-Taking Ceremony

The Balochistan Assembly convened its first session on Wednesday, marking the official inauguration of the provincial legislature and the beginning of a new chapter in Balochistan’s political landscape.

This momentous occasion witnessed the swearing-in of 58 newly elected members, signifying their commitment to serve the people of the province.

A Session Marked by Significance:

The inaugural session commenced with a somber tribute to the sacrifices of security personnel and civilians who lost their lives in the pursuit of peace in Balochistan. This solemn act served as a powerful reminder of the challenges and responsibilities facing the newly elected representatives.

Embracing Democratic Transition:

In a display of democratic transition, 58 out of the 65 newly elected members took their oaths during the session. This act of swearing-in officially cemented their positions within the legislative body and solidified their commitment to representing the diverse voices of Balochistan.

Navigating Procedural Hurdles:

Despite the successful swearing-in of a majority of members, the session also highlighted some procedural hurdles that remain. Three constituencies were not fully represented due to various reasons:

  • One seat remained vacant as Sardar Akhtar Mengal, who won both provincial and national assembly seats, chose to retain his national assembly seat, leaving the provincial seat unoccupied.
  • The absence of Mir Sadiq Sanjrani and Jam Kamal from Quetta further postponed their swearing-in ceremonies, contributing to an incomplete assembly at the initial stage.

Resilience and Hope for the Future:

While these challenges were acknowledged, the inaugural session ultimately served as a symbol of resilience and the enduring spirit of democracy in Balochistan. As the newly elected members take their positions within the assembly, their efforts will be focused on:

  • Addressing the pressing issues facing the province, including security concerns, economic development, and social welfare.
  • Working collaboratively to chart a path towards progress and prosperity for the people of Balochistan.

The Future of Balochistan’s Legislative Journey:

The concluding session carried a note of optimism and anticipation as the elected representatives embarked on their legislative journey. Their commitment, guided by the mandate entrusted to them by the people of Balochistan, will pave the way for the development and advancement of the province.

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