You are currently viewing B-Form Certificate Fee in Pakistan 2024

B-Form Certificate Fee in Pakistan 2024

B-Form Certificate Fee in Pakistan 2024.

Secure Your Child’s Future: Getting Your B-Form in Pakistan 2024 (Easy & Affordable!)

Give your child the gift of legal identity and access to essential services!

In Pakistan, the Child Registration Certificate (CRC), also known as B-Form, is crucial for minors (under 18) to enjoy their fundamental rights.

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Obtaining a B-Form is easier than ever in 2024 thanks to NADRA’s streamlined process.

Why is the B-Form Essential?

  • Unlocks Access: It’s mandatory for CNIC, driver’s license, school/college admissions, and social welfare programs.
  • Secures Rights: Ensures your child’s legal existence and protects them from child labor and trafficking.
  • Simple & Affordable: Register within 3 months of birth for just Rs. 50 (or Rs. 500 for express service).

New in 2024: Streamlined steps with faster processing and easier document requirements.

Getting Your B-Form (3 Easy Steps):

  1. Gather Documents:
    • Parents’ ID cards
    • Computerized birth certificate (Nikkah Naama acceptable)
    • Application form (completed)
  2. Visit NADRA office: Take your child along with the documents mentioned above.
  3. Complete the process:
    • One parent acts as applicant, the other as verifier (both present).
    • Single parent requires verification by a Gazetted Officer or public representative.
    • Capture child’s photograph and fingerprints (for 10+ years).

Pro Tip: Download the complete application form and list of required documents from NADRA’s website beforehand.

Don’t delay! Register your child for a B-Form and give them the foundation for a bright future.

Spread the word! Share this information with fellow parents and help safeguard every child’s rights in Pakistan.

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