You are currently viewing 8 Million Pakistanis Left Abroad During 2023: report

8 Million Pakistanis Left Abroad During 2023: report

8 Million Pakistanis Left Abroad During 2023: report
The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) revealed that over 8 million Pakistanis migrated abroad in 2023, according to its annual immigration report.

During the year, FIA Immigration efficiently processed approximately 19.5 million passengers at international arrival and departure counters.

Among the total passengers, 7.1 million were Pakistani nationals and 2.1 million were foreigners who arrived in Pakistan, while 8.1 million Pakistanis and 2.2 million foreigners departed from the country.

Notably, Lahore Airport saw the highest traffic, with 3.6 million Pakistanis passing through for overseas travel, followed closely by Islamabad Airport, serving 3.5 million passengers.

The FIA’s Integrated Border Management System handled 2935 stop-list cases and apprehended 1602 human traffickers in operations against trafficking.

Additionally, 25 most-wanted human traffickers were arrested in 2023. Despite these efforts, 1,129 passengers were offloaded due to fake documents, and strict screening measures were implemented at airports to prevent incidents like the Greece boat accident and misuse of Umrah visas.

Moreover, the US State Department maintained Pakistan’s Tier 2 status in its annual Trafficking in Persons report for 2023.

The FIA’s vigilance against human trafficking and fraudulent activities underscores its commitment to maintaining security and integrity at Pakistan’s borders.

With millions of Pakistanis traveling abroad each year, effective border management remains paramount to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

Additionally, sustained efforts to combat human trafficking align with international standards, as evidenced by Pakistan’s Tier 2 status in the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons report. Such initiatives contribute to safeguarding human rights and upholding the rule of law.

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