You are currently viewing Suzuki Cultus Current Price in Pakistan May 2024

Suzuki Cultus Current Price in Pakistan May 2024

Suzuki Cultus Current Price in Pakistan May 2024.

Still a Pakistani Powerhouse: 2024 Suzuki Cultus Price & Why It’s Worth Considering

The Suzuki Cultus remains a dominant force in Pakistan’s bustling hatchback market.

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While facing some perception challenges compared to its predecessors, the latest iteration retains its appeal thanks to:

  • Unbeatable Fuel Efficiency: Renowned for its budget-friendly fuel consumption, the Cultus keeps your wallet happy on long drives.
  • Strong Resale Value: The Cultus holds its value remarkably well, making it a smart investment for future resale.

Balancing Affordability with Functionality:

Following the Alto’s success, the Cultus positions itself as a mid-range hatchback, striking a balance between style and practicality.

It might not boast every high-end feature, but it prioritizes:

  • Reliability: The Cultus is known for its dependable performance, offering peace of mind on the road.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

May 2024 Suzuki Cultus Prices in Pakistan:

Looking to get behind the wheel of a Cultus? Here’s a breakdown of current prices:

  • Suzuki Cultus VXR: PKR 3,858,000
  • Suzuki Cultus VXL: PKR 4,244,000
  • Suzuki Cultus AGS: PKR 4,546,000

These figures solidify the Cultus’s position as a budget-friendly choice.

Features for Everyday Driving:

The Cultus caters to your daily driving needs with features like:

  • Manual or Automatic Transmission: Choose the option that best suits your driving style.
  • Air Conditioning: Beat the Pakistani heat in comfort.
  • Power Steering: Enjoy effortless maneuvering, especially in city traffic.
  • Power Windows: Added convenience for all passengers.
  • Multimedia Systems: Stay entertained on the go (availability may vary by variant).

A Long-Standing Favorite for a Reason:

Despite the ever-changing automotive landscape and newer models entering the market, the Cultus continues to be a popular choice in Pakistan. Here’s why:

  • Practicality: The Cultus offers a comfortable and spacious interior, perfect for families or those who need to carry extra cargo.
  • Affordability: The combination of competitive pricing and excellent fuel efficiency makes it a smart financial choice.
  • Wide Appeal: The Cultus caters to a diverse range of buyers, from young professionals to families seeking a reliable everyday car.

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