You are currently viewing Red Bus Routes New Updates and Detailed Overview

Red Bus Routes New Updates and Detailed Overview

Red Bus Routes New Updates and Detailed Overview

Red Bus Routes New Updates and Detailed Overview.

Karachi’s Red Buses: A Comfortable and Affordable Transportation Solution

Karachi’s centralized air-conditioned red buses are rapidly gaining popularity as a preferred mode of transportation due to their extensive routes and affordable fare structure.

With seating capacity for around 40 passengers and additional standing space for another 40, these buses ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

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Here are the latest updates and detailed information on the operational routes.

Operational Routes

The Red Bus service currently operates 12 distinct routes across Karachi, ensuring connectivity to key areas of the city:

  • Route 1: Model Colony to Dockyard – Covering 28 kilometers.
  • Route 2: Power House to Indus Hospital – Spanning 30 kilometers.
  • Route 3: Power House to Shaan Chowrangi – Stretching over 31 kilometers.
  • Route 4: Power House to Tower – A 21-kilometer route.
  • Route 9: Gulshan-e-Hadeed to Tower – The longest route at 42 kilometers. Note: The fare increases to PKR 100 after Malir Halt.
  • Route 10: Numaish Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi – Covering 28 kilometers.
  • Route 11: Shireen Jinnah Colony to Miran Nakka Lyari – A 19-kilometer route.
  • Route 12: Khokrapar to Lucky Star Saddar – Extending over 31 kilometers.
  • EV-1: Tank Chowk to Clock Tower DHA – Spanning 28 kilometers.
  • EV-2: Bahria Town to Malir Halt – Covering 30 kilometers.
  • EV-3: Malir Cantt Check Post 5 to Numaish – A 20-kilometer route.
  • Pink Bus: Operational on Routes 1, 2, and 10, specifically dedicated to women for a safer travel experience.

Fare Structure

The standard fare for most routes is PKR 50 per person per ride, making it an economical choice for daily commuters.

However, Route 9 has a unique fare structure, charging PKR 100 per person after Malir Halt due to its extended distance.


  • Comfort and Convenience: The buses are centrally air-conditioned, providing a comfortable journey even during the hot summer months.
  • Dedicated Spaces: There are designated spaces for ladies, ensuring a secure and respectful travel environment.
  • Fixed Fare: The affordable fare structure makes the red bus service a budget-friendly option for all commuters.
  • Extensive Coverage: With 12 operational routes, the red buses cover a wide range of areas, enhancing connectivity within the city.

These updates highlight the expanding and improving public transportation infrastructure in Karachi. The red bus service continues to evolve, aiming to provide efficient, comfortable, and affordable travel options for the city’s residents.

Stay tuned for more updates on the red bus routes as the service continues to expand and enhance its offerings, making daily commutes smoother and more convenient for everyone.

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