You are currently viewing Qasai Rates in Karachi: Inflation Affects

Qasai Rates in Karachi: Inflation Affects

Qasai Rates in Karachi: Inflation Affects

Qasai Rates in Karachi: Inflation Affects

Eid ul-Adha 2024 Karachi: Qasai Rates Announced, Cattle Markets Prepared!

As Eid ul-Adha approaches, crucial information for Karachi residents planning their Qurbani (sacrifice) is here!

The Karachi Meat Merchants Association has officially announced rates for animal slaughtering services.

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Latest Qasai Rates in Karachi:

  • Slaughtering Rates: Be prepared for the following costs on the first day of Eid:
    • Cow: Rs. 20,000 (First Day of Eid)
    • Goat: Rs. 10,000 (First Day of Eid)
    • Camel: Rs. 40,000 (First Day of Eid)

Budget-Friendly Options: Don’t despair if these initial rates seem high! Consider these options:

  • Second & Third Day Discounts: The good news is, slaughtering rates significantly decrease (nearly half!) on the second and third days of Eid.

Moon Sighting and Eid ul-Adha Date:

  • Meeting Tomorrow: The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will meet tomorrow (June 10th) to determine the Zil Hajj moon sighting.
  • Expected Eid Date: Eid ul-Adha is likely to fall on Monday, June 17th, with official confirmation following the moon sighting.

Cattle Markets Ready for Business:

To accommodate the influx of animals and buyers, Karachi is gearing up! Here’s the lowdown:

  • 22 Cattle Markets Established: Commissioner Hassan Naqvi announced the establishment of 22 cattle markets across seven districts.
  • Locations: Seven markets will be within city limits, and 15 in town limits, ensuring accessibility for all citizens.

Stay Updated:

Keep an eye out for further updates on:

  • Moon sighting results.
  • Eid ul-Adha preparations.
  • Additional information on slaughtering services.

Planning your Eid ul-Adha sacrifice in Karachi just got easier. With this information, you can now make informed decisions and prepare for a smooth and fulfilling Eid celebration!

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