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Govt Approves Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework

Govt Approves Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework.

The Federal Government has greenlit the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework (TISF) crafted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), according to the telecom regulator’s announcement on Thursday.

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) and the telecom industry, the framework establishes a regulatory mechanism for fair and competitive sharing of both active and passive telecom infrastructure among licensees.

The approval marks a significant stride towards the growth and sustainability of Pakistan’s telecom sector, promising cost reductions in network deployment and operation.

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This development is poised to translate into lower costs, improved services, and enhanced consumer benefits.

The pressing need for infrastructure sharing arises from economic factors such as inflation, low Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), escalating fuel prices, revenue challenges, and the substantial capital expenditure demands for 4G and 5G expansion.

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Telecom Infrastructure Sharing not only catalyzes the introduction of new services with broader coverage but also accelerates Time to Market (TTM) for innovative products.

The framework is expected to intensify competition among operators, fostering service differentiation and an enhanced customer experience through shared underlying networks.

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PTA expresses gratitude to MoITT for its support in formulating and endorsing the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework.

The Authority remains optimistic about the framework’s positive impact on Pakistan’s telecom sector and envisions collaborative efforts for its effective implementation, aligning with the shared objective of propelling Pakistan as a leading digital economy.

Telecom infrastructure sharing involves the collaborative use of telecom network components and associated physical infrastructure for optimized resource utilization. Govt Approves Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework and time will tell if this decision was fruitful or counterproductive.

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