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Dense Fog Immobilize Punjab

Dense Fog Immobilize Punjab

Punjab Shrouded in Blinding Fog: Chaos on Roads, Darkness in Villages, One Dead

A thick blanket of fog has engulfed Punjab, plunging the region into chaos and darkness.

Traffic has ground to a standstill, villages have been cut off from power, and one person tragically lost their life in Pakpattan after their car plunged into the Sutlej River due to near-zero visibility.

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Icy grip disrupts daily life:

  • Biting cold: The dense white fog arrives alongside a sharp drop in temperature, sending chills through residents and further hindering movement.
  • Road closures: Motorways and local roads are deemed unsafe, forcing closures and leaving commuters stranded.
  • Power outages: The fog disrupts power lines, plunging cities like Burewala into darkness for hours, and impacting homes and businesses.
  • Communication disrupted: Mobile networks falter in some areas due to the power outages, adding to the sense of isolation.

Tragedy in Pakpattan:

  • One fatality: A driver tragically lost their life after their car veered off course in the blinding conditions and plunged into the surging Sutlej River.
  • Highlighting dangers: This incident underscores the serious risks posed by the extreme fog, prompting calls for caution and heightened awareness.

A call for caution and preparedness:

As the fog shows no signs of lifting immediately, residents are advised to exercise extreme caution while traveling and remain updated on weather advisories. Authorities must work swiftly to restore power and communication channels, and ensure the safety of citizens during this challenging weather event.

Highways Enshrouded: Dunyapur, Arifwala, Deepalpur See Zero Visibility

The choking fog hasn’t spared even the highways. Dunyapur and its surrounding areas on the border have been swallowed by near-zero visibility, bringing vehicular movement to a grinding halt.

Similar struggles are gripping highways near Arifwala and Deepalpur, with drivers navigating treacherous conditions.

Peshawar GT Road Closed:

The Nowshera-Peshawar GT Road hasn’t escaped the fog’s grasp either. Dense fog has blanketed the vital route, causing disruptions in traffic flow. To ensure safety, the motorway has been closed from Burhan to Peshawar interchange.

Fog to Linger, Caution Urged:

Adding to the concerns, the Meteorological Department predicts the foggy blanket to persist for the next few days.

They urge residents to exercise extreme caution and vigilance.

With temperatures plummeting and visibility near impossible, staying indoors is advised unless absolutely necessary.

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