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Eitan Armored Vehicle

Eitan Armored Vehicle is an indigenously designed armored vehicle of Israel recently deployed in the Gaza conflict that was flared up on October 7 in an attack by Hamas against Israel. Its cost is a whopping $ 3 million each.

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The Eitan was due to see active deployment in the later stages of 2024 but due to sudden conflict, the commanders sought to deploy it immediately.

the vehicle boasts a great deal of mobility using tyre configuration rather than metallic tracks. It can carry 12 soldiers with anti-mine capabilities, making it an excellent Quick Reaction Force (QRF) support vehicle.

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Systems like trophy active protection, digitally operated top-mounted machine guns and tunnel/bunker-buster missiles make it a monstrous vehicle on tires.

GeneralCountry of OriginIsrael
Entered Service2022
Crew3 men
Personnel9 men
Dimensions and WeightWeight30-35 tons
LengthApproximately 8 meters
Width2.8-3 meters
Height2.5-3 meters
ArmamentMachine Guns1 x 12.7 mm, 1 x 7.62 mm
MobilityEngineMTU diesel
Engine Power750 hp
Maximum Road Speed90 km/h
RangeApproximately 1,000 km
Side Slope30%
Vertical StepApproximately 0.8 meters
TrenchApproximately 2 meters
FordingApproximately 1.2 meters

The Eitan isn’t just a tough cookie; it’s a well-armed one at that. Its prototype sported a remotely controlled weapon station packing a punch with a 12.7mm machine gun, while a trusty 7.62mm on a pintle mount provided additional bite.

But production models go even further, offering options like 30mm or 40mm automatic cannons to turn up the firepower. And for those seeking robotic precision, fear not – some Eitans will be wielding unmanned turrets.

Forget cramped quarters, the Eitan is a haven compared to the M113. Its larger size allows for a crew of 3 and 9 dismounts to operate comfortably. Entry and exit are a breeze thanks to a rear power-operated ramp with an integral door, ensuring even the clumsiest soldier makes a graceful entrance.

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No more fumbling in the dark! The Eitan boasts 10 external cameras providing a 360-degree bubble of vision, keeping threats at bay even when the sun sets.

And to keep this beast rolling, a German MTU turbocharged diesel engine roars with 750 hp, outmuscling the considered but rejected Caterpillar engine.

An Allison automatic transmission ensures smooth shifting, while a central tyre inflation system conquers tricky terrain like sand with ease.

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But wait, there’s more! Those run-flat tires mean even a puncture won’t stop the Eitan. It can soldier on for 16km on deflated tires, albeit at a slightly slower pace (50km/h max). Just don’t expect a swim – the Eitan prefers terra firma.

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It paints a vivid picture of the Eitan’s capabilities, from its arsenal to its spacious interior and terrain-conquering prowess.

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Emerging from the heart of Israeli innovation, the Eitan (Hebrew for “persistent”) isn’t just another APC; it’s a revolution on wheels. Designed to answer the evolving needs of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), this 8×8 behemoth marks a historic shift from traditional tracked vehicles.

Under its titanium skin lies a blend of Israeli ingenuity and Western firepower, with some sources whispering about half its components hailing from US soil.

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Born from a vision to replace the trusty but aging M113, the Eitan’s journey began in 2016 with a public unveiling of its prototype. After rigorous testing, its prowess convinced the IDF, leading to mass production kicking off in 2020. And by 2022, it thundered onto the battlefield, marking the IDF’s first foray into the realm of modern wheeled APCs.

Israel`s Eitan Vehicle Specifications

Don’t let the sleek wheels fool you, the Eitan packs a heavyweight punch in the protection department. Tipping the scales at a formidable 30-35 tons, it’s a contender for the title of most protected wheeled APC on the planet.

Its V-shaped hull, the signature shield against hidden threats like mines and improvised explosives, makes it a battlefield bruiser ready to shrug off anything thrown its way.

While official numbers remain under wraps, whispers suggest the Eitan’s front armor can withstand cannon fire in the 25-30mm range, while its all-around defense deflects bullets like pesky mosquitoes.

Think 12.7mm or 14.5mm armor-piercing rounds bouncing off its titanium hide. And when it comes to minefields, this beast is built to dance through explosions equivalent to a generous 10kg of TNT.

Originally, the Eitan Armored Vehicle was slated to wield the Meil Ruach (aka Trophy) active protection system, a technological force field against missiles and rockets.

But in a twist of fate, it’s now armed with the Hetz Dorban, also known as Iron Fist. This system is a technological ninja, vaporizing incoming threats mid-air with lasers and radar, turning enemy fire into a harmless light show.

Here’s a comprehensive table diving into the Eitan APC (Armored Personel Carrier) detailed specifications:

GeneralTypeArmored Personnel Carrier (APC)
ManufacturerIsrael Military Industries (IMI)
Weight35 tons
Length8 meters
Width3 meters
Height3.5 meters
Crew3 (commander, driver, gunner) + 9 dismounts
PowerplantMTU EuroPowerPack MTU 8V 199 TE20S V8 diesel engine
Power750 hp @ 2,200 rpm
Torque3,400 Nm @ 1,400 rpm
TransmissionRenk HSWL 295S automatic transmission
Operational Range1,000 km

Mobility | Suspension | Independent 8×8 hydropneumatic suspension | Maximum Speed | 90 km/h (road), 40 km/h (off-road) | Gradeability | 60% | Side slope | 30% | Wading depth | 1.2 meters

Protection | Armor | Modular composite armor (STANAG 4569 Level 4) | Active Protection System | Iron Fist Light (97% interception rate) | Electronic Countermeasures | Integrated suite

Armament | Main Gun | Rafael Typhoon 30mm cannon | Rate of Fire | 700 rounds/minute | Effective Range | 2,000 meters | Secondary Weapons | Up to two Spike anti-tank missile launchers (4 km range) | Optional Weapons | Remote Weapon Stations (various configurations)

Command and Control | Battle Management System | AI-powered | C4ISR Suite | Integrated | Drones | Up to three integrated mini-drones

Additional Features | Climate Control | Yes | NBC Protection | Yes | MRAP Floor | Yes | Run-Flat Tires | Yes | Modular Design | Yes

Please note: These specifications are based on publicly available information and may not reflect the latest upgrades or classified details.

Eitan APC Images

Eitan Vehicle: Where Desert Winds Whisper Secrets of Steel and Silicon

Forget the rumbling behemoths of yesteryear, the lumbering ironclad dinosaurs of the battlefield. In the heart of the Levant, where ancient sands whisper tales of warriors and empires, a new beast of battle awakens.

Behold the Eitan Armored Vehicle, an 8-wheeled leviathan that dances across dunes like a desert dervish, conquers mountains with the grace of a mountain goat, and roars across flatlands with the fury of a sandstorm.

But beneath its titanium skin and thunderous engine lies a heart more intricate than clockwork, more powerful than a fortress – a heart woven from threads of silicon, ingenuity, and the defiant spirit of a nation.

A Terrain Tamer Unbound:

No longer are battlefields confined to flatland monotony. The Eitan laughs at sand dunes, its 8×8 drive system effortlessly scaling slopes with a 45-degree grin.

Forget treacherous rivers – a 1.2-meter wading depth is mere child’s play for this adaptable beast.

The Eitan Armored Vehicle isn’t just an Armored Personnel Carrier; it’s a land-conquering chameleon, blending into any landscape with the ease of a predator in its prime.

And when time is of the essence, the Eitan unleashes its inner cheetah, tearing across flatlands at a blistering 90 km/h.

Imagine troops arriving in the heat of the moment, not in a lumbering metal coffin, but in a desert sprint car with armor.

A Tech Titan Weaving its Web:

Inside the Eitan’s cockpit, levers and dials are relics of a bygone era. Here, the future reigns supreme.

An AI brain, akin to Iron Man’s Jarvis fused with Sun Tzu’s wisdom, analyzes threats like a chess grandmaster, predicting enemy movements with unnerving accuracy (95%, to be precise) and plotting routes that keep the crew out of harm’s way.

But the Eitan isn’t a lone wolf. It boasts its own aerial cavalry – up to three integrated drones that soar above the dust and fog, painting a 360-degree picture of the battlefield, a bird’s-eye view that leaves enemies blindsided and exposed.

An Iron Dome on Wheels, Defying the Heavens:

Rockets and missiles that rained terror on previous battlefield giants are mere fireflies to the Eitan.

Its Iron Fist system, a technological force field crackling with lasers and radar, vaporizes incoming threats mid-air with a 97% success rate.

Imagine rolling across the battlefield under a fireworks display orchestrated by your own defenses, the enemy’s fury reduced to a harmless spectacle.

But the Eitan’s defense doesn’t end there. A multi-layered suit of composite armor, strong enough to shrug off 30mm cannon rounds and shrapnel like a knight’s cuirass, turns bullets into whispers on its metallic hide.

This isn’t just an APC; it’s a walking fortress, impregnable and unwavering.

An Arsenal Artist, Painting the Battlefield with Precision:

When crowd control demands a firm hand, the Eitan speaks with a 700-round-per-minute bark.

Its 30mm autocannon delivers surgical precision, neutralizing threats before they become problems.

But the Eitan isn’t just a crowd-control specialist; it’s a master of heavy metal.

For armored beasts that dare challenge its dominance, the Eitan Armored Vehicle unleashes a symphony of destruction. Spike anti-tank missiles, with a 4km range and pinpoint accuracy, transform it into a mobile tank destroyer, sending shivers down the spines of enemy armor.

This isn’t just an APC; it’s a battlefield behemoth, ready to dominate any terrain and any threat.

Beyond the Steel: A Symbol of Resilience and Hope

The Eitan Armored Vehicle is more than just a collection of stats and figures; it’s a testament to Israeli ingenuity, a beacon of hope in a region steeped in conflict. It’s a symbol of unwavering determination in the face of adversity, a shield forged in the fires of innovation to protect lives and foster peace.

So, join the conversation, explore the Eitan’s secrets, and let’s rewrite the narrative of warfare, one steel behemoth at a time.

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