You are currently viewing Sania Mirza’s Father Breaks Silence on Daughter’s Wedding

Sania Mirza’s Father Breaks Silence on Daughter’s Wedding

Sania Mirza’s Father Breaks Silence on Daughter’s Wedding

Sania Mirza’s Father Breaks Silence on Daughter’s Wedding.

Imran Mirza Dismisses Rumors of Sania Mirza’s Marriage to Cricketer Mohammad Shami

Former Indian tennis star Sania Mirza’s father, Imran Mirza, has strongly reacted to rumors about his daughter’s second marriage with Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami.

Rumors Circulate About Sania Mirza and Mohammad Shami

Recently, Indian media has been abuzz with rumors suggesting that Sania Mirza and fast bowler Mohammad Shami are planning to get married. These speculations gained traction after edited pictures of Shami and Sania, depicting Shami as a bride, were circulated on social media. Reports even went as far as claiming that the alleged marriage was set for August.

Imran Mirza’s Strong Rebuttal

Imran Mirza, speaking to Indian media, categorically dismissed these rumors as baseless. In an interview with NDTV, he stated, “This is all rubbish. She has not even met him.” His remarks aimed to put an end to the widespread speculation, emphasizing that there is no truth to the circulating stories.

Clarification from the Parties Involved

Until now, neither Sania Mirza nor Mohammad Shami had publicly responded to the rumors. The silence had further fueled the speculation. However, Imran Mirza’s recent statement aims to clear the air. He firmly denied any connection between Sania and Shami, highlighting the unfounded nature of the rumors.

Background of Sania Mirza and Mohammad Shami

It’s noteworthy that Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami is currently separated from his wife, Hasin Jahan. On the other hand, Sania Mirza is the ex-wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The couple shares a son, Izhan Mirza Malik, who resides with Sania. Earlier this year, Imran Mirza confirmed his daughter’s divorce from Shoaib Malik, marking an end to their marriage.

Key Points

  • Rumor Origin: Edited pictures on social media suggested a marriage between Sania Mirza and Mohammad Shami.
  • Imran Mirza’s Statement: Imran Mirza called the rumors “rubbish” and clarified that Sania has never met Shami.
  • Current Marital Status: Sania Mirza is divorced from Shoaib Malik, and Mohammad Shami is separated from Hasin Jahan.
  • Clarification Needed: Both Sania Mirza and Mohammad Shami have yet to make personal statements regarding these rumors.


Imran Mirza’s decisive response to the rumors about Sania Mirza’s alleged marriage to Mohammad Shami aims to quash the baseless speculations. This clarification underscores the importance of verifying facts before spreading unverified information. As of now, there is no evidence to support the rumors, and the statements from Sania’s father should be taken as the final word on the matter.

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