You are currently viewing Pakistan First Electric Taxi Service in Sindh Set to Launch

Pakistan First Electric Taxi Service in Sindh Set to Launch

Pakistan First Electric Taxi Service in Sindh Set to Launch

Sindh Government Announces Launch of Pakistan’s First EV Taxis

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, the Sindh government has announced the upcoming launch of Pakistan’s first electric vehicle (EV) taxis.

The initiative, spearheaded by Sindh Minister for Information, Excise, Narcotics, and Transport Sharjeel Inam Memon, aims to address the pressing issues of air pollution and rising fuel costs in Karachi, the province’s largest city.

Introduction of EV and Pink EV Taxis

The Transport Department of the Government of Sindh will soon introduce EV taxis, including a special fleet of Pink EV taxis.

These will be specifically designed to cater to female passengers, ensuring safer and more reliable transportation options.

Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon made the announcement via a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, emphasizing the government’s commitment to modernizing Karachi’s transportation infrastructure.

Impact on Air Pollution and Commute Costs

Karachi, plagued by high air pollution levels due to an overwhelming number of gasoline-engine vehicles, will benefit significantly from the introduction of EV taxis.

These environment-friendly vehicles will help reduce the city’s carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner atmosphere.

Moreover, with fuel prices soaring, the availability of EV taxis is expected to offer a more affordable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered transport, potentially lowering commute costs for the masses.

Timeline and Implementation

While the announcement has generated excitement, the minister did not disclose a specific timeline for the launch of the EV taxis in Sindh.

However, the initiative aligns with global trends towards adopting electric vehicles as countries strive to minimize reliance on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Previous Efforts and Future Plans

Earlier this year, Karachi received a boost to its public transportation system with the addition of 30 hybrid and 50 electric buses to the Peoples Bus Service fleet.

This expansion brought the total number of buses in the service to 300, marking a significant step towards enhancing the city’s mass transit options.

The introduction of EV taxis will further complement these efforts, providing a comprehensive solution to Karachi’s transportation challenges.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

The shift towards electric vehicles is part of a broader strategy to embrace sustainable practices.

EV taxis will not only contribute to reducing air pollution but also support economic stability by lowering fuel import costs.

This transition is in line with global efforts to combat climate change and promote greener, more sustainable urban environments.


The Sindh government’s plan to launch Pakistan’s first EV taxis, including the Pink EV taxis, represents a forward-thinking approach to urban transportation. By addressing both environmental and economic concerns, this initiative promises to enhance the quality of life for Karachi’s residents.

As the city moves towards a cleaner and more efficient transportation system, the anticipated launch of EV taxis marks a pivotal moment in Karachi’s journey towards sustainability.

For more updates on the launch timeline and other details, follow the official announcements from the Sindh Government Transport Department.

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